SypherPK reveals a bizarre Fortnite trick that turns players into a missile

Image via StrongVPN
Image via StrongVPN
Nakul Ahuja

One of the most prolific Fortnite streamers on the internet, SypherPK, has revealed yet another trick that players can acquaint themselves with to gain an edge over their opponents.

The "Trap King" is not only known for his impressive play-style but also his extremely informative streams.

This time he has revealed a trick that will turn players into a mini airstrike. Players will first need to equip the new Exotic Burst Quad Launcher before going ahead with this trick. The launcher isn't easy to gather.

The mini airstrike trick in Fortnite

Players can grab the Exotic Burst Quad Launcher by stealing it from Fishsticks. This NPC can be found either at Coral Castle or Craggy Cliffs.

Players can also decide to purchase the NPC item, which will set them back 600 gold bars. Getting rid of Fishsticks to get the launcher for free is far more interesting than purchasing it.

The next step is to gather Bouncers and Shockwave Grenades. Once players are done collecting all the resources needed for the experiment, place a bouncer, stand on the edge, and throw a Shockwave Grenade, which will throw the player in the air like a missile.

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Players need to bring out the launcher and strike down the enemies before landing on the ground. The trick's premise is relatively simple, but it looks way more efficient when a skilled player like SypherPK tries it out.

Fortnite is all about the unpredictable. Practicing this trick will definitely give players an edge above their opponents in Fortnite. It might also help players eliminate a couple of enemies, which is usually an uphill task.

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