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SypherPK's brother gets banned from Twitch

SypherPK (L) with his brother, JuniorPK (R) (Image Credits:
SypherPK (L) with his brother, JuniorPK (R) (Image Credits:
Modified 29 Jul 2020

Ali 'SypherPK' Hassan is a popular name in the Fortnite streaming circuit and has amassed millions of subscribers on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch over the course of his streaming career.

His younger brothers, Otto and JuniorPK, are also avid streamers themselves, following in their elder brother's footsteps.

Recently, SypherPK released a video on his YouTube channel, where he speaks about JuniorPK getting banned from Twitch over a game of Fortnite.

JuniorPK tweeted about the incident:

Junior, who plays for Luminosity Gaming, features in his brother SypherPK's latest video to explain how his channel got deleted and what exactly led to his ban.

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SypherPK addresses Junior's Twitch Ban


The video begins with Sypher taking a shot at his younger brother, who he sarcastically refers to as a 'pro player for LG'. Brotherly banter aside, he tells Junior to explain exactly what led to his Twitch account getting banned/deleted.

Junior states, rather ominously:

"Basically everything I had on my Twitch channel is gone now, because of something I did in 2012."

This causes SypherPK to interject with a trademark quip:

"Okay...but the thing is you're making it sound like you did something bad when you were twelve!"

Justifying himself, Junior states that he had created a Twitch account when he was 12, whereas to be eligible to make a Twitch account or even stream, one has to be 13.

Sypher backs up his brother's claims by pointing out even though Junior did create his account when he was 12, he used it primarily for Twitch chat and started streaming only from the age of 13-14.

His streaming saw him earn 60,000 followers on his former Twitch channel but it was unfortunately deleted.

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Partnership Application Issue

SypherPK states that Junior had recently applied for a partnership with Twitch and as part of the process, they asked for his ID.

On realising that he was 12 when he created his account, they had no option but to ban his account. Because of this, Junior had to create a new Twitch account called juniorpk123


While Twitch attempts to help him get his old username back, the aforementioned username will remain his current one.

Sypher then comments on the unfortunate turn of events and garners support for his brother:

"He had 60K (followers)......let's see what the power of this YouTube community can do for my little brother."

Caution for budding streamers

In light of Junior's predicament, SypherPK issued a word of caution for all budding streamers to ensure that they don't have to experience the same ordeal that his brother had to go through.

The video ends with the brothers claiming an easy Victory Royale, highlighting Junior's gameplay skills.

He also asks Junior how many subscribers he is potentially aiming at through this video, to which junior replies that he currently has around 1K followers on his new channel so the ballpark figure would be around 20K.

In the aftermath of SypherPK's video, Junior would surely be happy to see that his current number of followers has surpassed his expected figures.

JuniorPK's new Twitch channel and follower count (Image Credits-

An impressive 27.4K followers (and counting) followed suit, which goes to show the power of the online community as JuniorPK continues his efforts to get back on the comeback trail.

Even Luminosity Gaming extended their support to their pro player:

You can watch the video where SypherPK addresses his brother JuniorPK's Twitch Ban below:

Published 29 Jul 2020, 13:34 IST
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