"T1 and T2 bosses are a joke": Lost Ark players are angry with the nerfs applied to end-game content

Not all players are happy with the nerfing of the endgame content (Image via Amazon Games)
Not all players are happy with the nerfing of the endgame content (Image via Amazon Games)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Among several changes and tweaks, Lost Ark's March 4 update has nerfed the difficulty level of specific endgame content.

The game's western release has been a massive success, but it's still going to get a lot of content from Korea. However, Guardian Raids have kept players busy who have already completed the existing storyline and grown their characters to sufficient levels. The endgame content is classified as T1, T2, and T3.

We'll be addressing numerous bugs and issues in this week's update alongside the balance adjustments to some Tier 1 and Tier 2 content. Get the details here!πŸ—’οΈ

While T3 content has stayed put, changes have been made to T1 and T2 content. Amazon Games has revealed that the difficulty level of this content has been reduced. They have also said that this decision is based on player feedback and data.

However, if social media reactions are anything to go by, several players are unhappy that the game has been made 'easier.'

Lost Ark players aren't fond of the endgame nerfs

In the general sense, players appreciate when the difficulty of games goes down. However, an easier difficulty can make games more straightforward and incentivize players to improve their abilities. This is the main reason why several Lost Ark players are unhappy with the nerf.

It appears that a few players enjoyed the challenging nature of the T1 and T2 content. They also expect endgame content to be challenging, so nerfing them seems a bit pointless.

This is so sad 😞 the best part about Lost Ark endgame is how challenging it is And this is only T1 and T2 when those players get to T3 and Legion most likely they will quit #LostArk don’t ruin the game 😩 @playlostark

One player has been offended by the way Amazon Games has brought the nerfs to T1 and T2 content. It was expected that the Guardians will be made more manageable, but the way it has been done is questionable.

@playlostark You did not just remove the signature move of the last T1 guardian, please tell me it's a joke

Another stated how the failure of many players simply comes from the point that they don't bother to study the mission that awaits them.

Lmao Lost Ark is nerfing T1 and T2 dungeons this earlyI get it people don't wanna bother reading up a guide before entering a dungeon and would rather experience firsthand and that's a-ok but gutting some mechanics is too much imo, the nerf I would prefer is probably-

Incidentally, T3 content hasn't been made any easier and the planned Abyss raid coming to the game will be even harder as per the information. Making the first two levels easier makes the jump in difficulty level even greater in the long run.

#LostArk confirmed they're making T1-T2 raids & dungeons easier.. kinda sad people refuse to learn anything. None of these nerfs are req. If you can't pass a mechanic check how do you expect to do even harder content?This isn't WoW. Pls don't cater to who refuse to learn.

Players who have had to work harder to clear T1 and T2 content are also reasonably miffed.

@playlostark Nice plans you have for t1 and t2 there. Ppl like me who investet 10 thousands of gold and even real money to grind trough this game and reach tier 3. Oh guess what, wait a week or 2 and u get it for free.

Some feel that there are bigger issues in the Lost Ark that are yet to be solved.

@playlostark How about adressing all the cheaters wall and speedhacking?How about banning them, botters and goldsellers?How about getting a working anticheat software?Your game is being destroyed by these people right now and you worry about nerfing trivial t1&2 content...

With T1 and T2 now easier to do, people will be able to clear it quickly. The problem will be at T3 however where players will be stuck for even longer.

@playlostark @ThemrilTV i agree with some of the changes but the thing is - now the players arent hardstuck in t1 and t2 .. they now become hardstuck in t3 because they cant play mechanics .. i see

Once again, players have stated that T1 and T2 are not that difficult to deal with.

@Hawfmaverick @bennyfjalar @playlostark T1 and T2 bosses are a joke, if people can't figure mechanics out or bother to find a party, it's on them for not clearing the content. "But I'm casual not hardcore player", so? Bosses early are simple enough xD

Some are also of the opinion that Amazon Games is contradicting itself and its claims by making nerfs.

@playlostark @ThemrilTV "We know that much of the appeal of T3 and late game content is its unique and challenging.."lol? U know what, u nerf T1 and T2 content and u say that lmaoThis moove are really so cringe for a mmo like lost ark, u listen 2/3 kid poeple crying for difficulty, there are not any

The impact of the nerf on T1 and T2 content on Lost Ark can be truly understood after a few days. Amazon Games probably expected that the decision will be well received by the community. However, the reactions of players have been anything but that.

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