Temtem: The best and fastest method to earn money in the game

use the most efficient way to make money in Temtem
use the most efficient way to make money in Temtem

Temtem, the Pokemon inspired MMO, is out in early access now. You, as the main character, will travel through the world of Temtem battling other tamers while catching different Temtem in the process. Temtem requires a lot of grind and players need to invest a lot of time in order to progress in the game. Earning Pascun (in-game currency) can be tough at the same time buying items is necessary for smooth progress in the game.

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So what's the best way to earn money in Temtem?

Items are costly in Temtem
Items are costly in Temtem

Apart from defeating tamers and selling items, the best way of earning Pascun is by catching and releasing Temtem into the wild. However, players can only earn Pascun through this process after they have conquered the first Dojo in Arissola by defeating Sophia. After players defeat Sophia, they can then travel to the island of Omninesia, which is the second island of the game. A FreeTem! building is present in Canopath (Route 5), which is the headquarters for people who believe that all Temtem are supposed to be free.

FreeTem! society bulding
FreeTem! society bulding

The person inside the building will reward you with Pascun every time you talk to him after releasing a Temtem. The amount of Pascun will depend on the level and rarity of the Temtem you release. The higher level and higher rarity of Temtem you release, the more Pascun you get.

This is the most effective way to earn Pascun in the game as of now, and tamers can fill their wallets by rinsing and repeating this method. Besides handing out Pascun, the FreeTem! society also holds a weekly contest, which again is a great way to earn more Pascun. Tamers can earn cosmetics, Silicon Shards, and DNA Strands from the competition.

FreeTem! society coordinator
FreeTem! society coordinator

Here is the list of rewards that Tamers can earn from the weekly competition-

  • Free 180 Temtem: Flat Top Hair Cosmetic
  • Free 200 Temtem: 5x Silicon Shards
  • Free 200 Temtem: Vigor DNA Strand - Ensures the egg inherits the parent's HP and STA.
  • Free 215 Temtem: Engineered DNA Strand - Ensures the egg inherits the parent's trait slot.
  • Free 250 Temtem: Mighty DNA Strand - Ensures the egg inherits the parent's ATK and SPATK.
  • Free 250 Temtem: Immunity DNA Strand - Ensures the egg inherits the parent's DEF and SPDEF.

DNA Strands are rare items important for breeding perfect Temtem in the game. The numbers for the competition might seem high but are certainly achievable. The easiest way to achieve the milestone is by catching low-level Temtem and instantly releasing them. Keep in mind that if a Tamer encounters two Temtem in a fight, both can be caught and released, which is a bonus for any Tamer.

This is currently the most effective method for farming Pascun, and since the game is only a week old, there are a lot that are yet to be discovered.


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