Temtem: Where to find Coward's Cloak location; the experience sharing gear 

Temtem raising is a challenge
Temtem raising is a challenge

Leveling up Temtem can often be a drag, especially if it’s not your primary Temtem. However, it’s important to have multiple leveled up Temtem in your arsenal as different types of Temtem will help you in different scenarios. There is no one perfect Temtem and raising multiple Temtem will always be beneficial.

In Temtem, Coward’s Cloak is a holding gear that allows the Temtem that is holding it to earn experience, regardless of if that Temtem is battling or not. This is a great asset to anyone who is trying to raise their Temtem

Experience sharing item is not known in RPG or MMO games. In fact, Pokemon has the same item which is known as Exp.share in Pokemon games.

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Where can players find Coward's Cloak location in Temtem?

To get Coward’s Cloak, tamers need to head inside Windward Fort just ahead of Gifted Bridge. However, it’s important to note that in order to reach Coward’s Cloak location, tamers need surfboard which tamers can get from Sophia after defeating her in the first Dojo.

Use the surfboard to exit the Windward Fort
Use the surfboard to exit the Windward Fort

After gaining surfboard, head inside the Windward Fort and run straight to the 2nd level of the fort where Sophia was previously held in the locker by Clan Belsoto. Use the surfboard to get outside of the Windward Fort onto the Sillaro River.

Using scent is recommended for this scenario, as tamers might face wild Temtem ranging from level 10-14. Tamers will face a bunch of Clan Belsoto members on the Sillaro River, but none of the fights are difficult. After defeating all the members, step on the small island in the center, and open the look box to acquire Coward’s Cloak.

The exact Coward's Cloak location
The exact Coward's Cloak location

Coward’s Cloak will immensely help tamers in their journey and leveling up Temtem will become much easier. Give the item to Temtem you want to raise and keep that Temtem in the party. Whenever you win a battle, besides your primary Temtem, the Temtem holding Coward’s Cloak will also gain experience.

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