"That looks like such a clickbait skin": Fortnite star 'NickEh30' cannot believe that LazarBeam's skin is actually real

Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )/ NickEh30
Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )/ NickEh30
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 03 Mar 2021

Lannan "LazarBeam" Eacott was awarded a Fortnite Icon Series skin, making him the latest addition to the list. The universe felt that the Australian content creator deserved his own skin because of his dedication to the game.

The entire concept behind his skin was exciting. However, fellow streamer Nicholas "NickEh30" Amoony felt it was clickbait. Unable to contain his curiosity, he turned into the stream, and then his reaction to it was absolutely priceless.

Fortnite star NickEh30 reacts to LazarBeam's skin reveal

NickEh30 initially thought that LazarBeam's Fortnite skin reveal video was clickbait because the thumbnail he chose wasn't the regular thumbnail he used in his videos.

But he turned to the video anyway. The internet was very amused with the way NickEh30 was behaving on the stream as well.

Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )
Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )

NickEh30 looked excited from the very beginning, assuming it to be a prank. He draws parallels with David Cánovas Martínez, also known as TheGrefG, who pranked his fans on Twitter, saying that his skin was canceled.

Later, when the skin was revealed, he had a record-breaking number of viewers tuning into his stream. NickEh30 assumed LazarBeam was doing the same.

Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )
Image via YouTube ( Den Top 10 )

When LazarBeam brought in his brother, NickEh30 exclaimed that the individual looked like his father instead. Once the skin reveal began, Nick went on to say that the skin looked nothing like LazarBeam.

Nick was also excited to see that LazarBeam received a gingerbread backbling with his Fortnite Icon Series skin. NickEh30 exclaimed that the skin was such a clickbait skin because it didn't look like LazarBeam at all.

"He actually..that's not clickbait? Why do I feel like..that looks like such a clickbait skin!"
"Did they do it after his brother or him? I'm confused. It looks more like his brother. Doesn't it?"

NickEh30 then went on to say that LazarBeam deserved his own Fortnite Icon Series skin. He acknowledged that LazarBeam made a lot of funny content, which was original.

NickEh30 believes that LazarBeam has a lot of personality. His videos were unique in nature. And his content speaks for itself. His videos rake in big numbers. He is bigger in Australia.

Although NickEh30 is very proud that LazarBeam received his own skin, he found the skin a meme skin in Fortnite.

Published 03 Mar 2021
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