“That’s a mental illness right there”: xQc’s aggressive reaction leads to Tyler1 roasting him while playing Fall Guys

xQc and Tyler1 rage at each other after losing a tournament (Image via Twitter)
xQc and Tyler1 rage at each other after losing a tournament (Image via Twitter)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel's team-up with Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp, Lucas "Buddha" Ramos, and Lane "Surefour" Roberts was definitely one for the books.

After the tumultuous journey that the four streamers took together during the Fall Guys tournament for Twitch Rivals, they bid each other goodbye, but not without a heated exchange right before the end of their temporary truce.

Tyler1 calls xQc mentally ill after the latter rages when blamed for their team's loss

The Fall Guys tournament, hosted by Ludwig Ahgren for the 2022 Twitch Rivals series, was quite memorable, largely owing to the star-studded group xQc formed with Tyler1, Buddha, and Surefour.

xQc and Tyler1 were previously known to have beef after Lengyel was banned from Twitch Rivals due to cheating accusations pointed against him by Tyler and Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, during the course of the previous Fall Guys tournament. Apparently, Lengyel and Tyler seemed to have made up sometime between then and now.

xQc's team, who were nearing victory, unfortunately lost during the last round. This ended up being fatal, as they were ousted from the running after that. Afterwards, xQc thanked everyone for participating. While they were all bidding each other farewell, Tyler1 spoke up about something that was bothering him:

"Next time give us more warning, maybe we can practice a little bit. We got this sorry-a** team like Buddha and Surefour - weaklings."

Buddha interjected, agreeing with Tyler until he heard the second part of Tyler's sentence. xQc immediately snapped back at the two of them, asking if they were shifting the blame onto him. He then screamed out an incoherent combination of words that Surefour claimed they were unable to understand. Tyler added on, saying:

"Yeah. That's a mental illness right there, boys. Get checked xQc, we're all praying for you. I'm out of this b***, f*** you all, goodbye."

While the clip certainly seemed unnecessarily aggressive to many, those who watched the stream pointed out that all the streamers weren't necessarily trying to compete seriously, but were exaggerating their reactions and faking conflict in order to make it entertaining for their audiences.

Tyler, in particular, was known to have explosive reactions like this during his older era of content creation. Knowing that everyone involved was purposely trash-talking and pulling each other's legs made it enjoyable for the viewers who were looking to be entertained.