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The 10 Best PS4 Games of All Time

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:53 IST


PS4 is entering its end of the lifecycle as the rumours and news of the next PlayStation starts to creep up.

I feel strangely connected to my PS4 and as much as I'm excited for a brand new console generation to emerge, I feel its incredibly hard to let go of my PS4, maybe its because its the very first console I got at launch, or maybe because it has a beautiful collection of games that I personally love and cherish a lot. Of Course, I'll continue to use my PS4 for many more years to come but irrespective of that, Today I just wanted to relieve and think about my best adventures on the PlayStation 4 so far.

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#10 Fallout 4


I hadn't played a Fallout game before this but I had complete faith in BGS since I played Skyrim and it became my favourite game of all. And so I was on cloud nine when Bethesda finally announced their next game.

Fallout 4 is probably one of the most addictive games I have ever played.

Every little system in the game rewards you for anything you do and that makes it so fun.

The main storyline which involved siding with different factions made me take some strange decisions in the game, it's numerous creepy and classy locations such as "Good Neighbour", it's funny side quests such as being the Silver Shroud, it's crafting system which I should say is the best I have ever seen in any game, Upgrading weapons and armours and giving them funny names made me more connected to them than I ever thought.


Building settlements at the most isolated and unexpected locations was an adventure of its own, not to mention I always failed to protect them at the right time.

The game's collection of retro country tracks which I ended up singing along almost every damn time made Fallout 4 a magical experience for me.

Something we can only expect from a BGS game.

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Published 18 Nov 2018, 16:23 IST
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