The best 725 shotgun loadout in COD Warzone

Image Credit: Games Atlas
Image Credit: Games Atlas

The 725 shotgun in COD Warzone isn't as prevalent as it once was. It used to be the king of shotguns in COD Modern Warfare. As a double-barrel shotgun, it packed a considerable punch in two quick and successive shots that would kill players at long ranges in multiplayer. It seemed like a plague on COD Modern Warfare for a long time, until there were some major nerfs brought to this weapon.

In multiplayer, this firearm can still take out players fast, but it isn't as good as other shotguns in COD Warzone, and that comes down to the ammo reserve capacity. It will likely take two shots to take any given player out, unless a close-range shot to the head is executed flawlessly. Regardless, with the right attachments, the 725 shotgun can still be used as a single target executioner.

A look at the best loadout for the 725 shotgun in COD Warzone


Image Credit: Game Rant
Image Credit: Game Rant


The choke attachment on shotguns is essentially a staple for most shotguns in COD Warzone. Compared to multiplayer, COD Warzone is going to require much further range in many fights, and having a choke that increases range and tightens the pellet spread can make a massive difference in puncturing through armor.

A situation like a long hallway fight can turn from a frustrating hit marker to an instant down on a player.

Tempus 32 Competition

As a longer barrel, the Tempus 32 is going to slow down the 725 a bit and decrease its mobility weapon in a couple of ways. However, the damage range and velocity that it provides to the gun is invaluable when paired with a choke. Extra range on the 725 is a must when the two shots it contains are extremely important.

Sleight of Hand

Going along with the lack of ammo reserve on the 725 shotgun, Sleight of Hand is going to be a must to make up for only having two shots in Warzone. The much faster reload is likely going to be a lifesaver in plenty of situations, especially in squad matches when two shots isn't going to cut it.

Tac Laser

Because this loadout is based on a 725 with more range and efficiency in COD Warzone, the Tac Laser is another attachment that is going to enhance the preferred states on this weapon. ADS might be visible, but it will be lethal.

Tempus SlimGrip

To make up on some mobility, the Tempus SlimGrip is an excellent option. It provides additional ADS speed, while also giving some sprint to fire speed, which can be great in tight spaces within COD Warzone.

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