The best field upgrade to use in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Image via Treyarch
Image via Treyarch
Daniel Wenerowicz

Black Ops Cold War Zombies features five field upgrades with varying abilities for players to utilize.

While each field upgrade could be considered viable, there are a few that stand out as great picks. Black Ops Cold War Zombies offers a ton of customization when it comes to starting a match, and picking the right field upgrade can be a major game-changer.

Most suitable field upgrade in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Image via Treyarch
Image via Treyarch

Of all the Black Ops Cold War Zombies field upgrades, the top pick is the Aether Shroud. Before any of the upgrades, it gives players invisibility from Zombies for five seconds, making players undetectable to any Zombies close by.

This is an excellent ability for multiple reasons. The first is that most players will inevitably find themselves backed into a corner by Zombies or caught in a bad situation. The Aether Shroud is essentially a get out of jail free card when everything goes south and can save the game entirely.

Reviving teammates is also made far easier when Zombies are swarming in full force, and invisibility is the only option. Utility on the Aether Shroud is incredibly powerful, and that's before upgrades.

Every field upgrade has three Aetherium Crystal upgrade tiers that can be earned and purchased. Crystals are earned through playing and completing aspects such as a successful Exfil in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Like the others, Aether Shroud has its own tier of upgrades.

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Tier 1 is an instant reload upon activation of the cloak. When reloading is automatic, that leaves time for a more successful revive of a teammate or time to run for armor and ammo rather than wasting the five seconds to reload.

Tier 2 increases the shroud to eight seconds versus five seconds. Those three extra seconds are valuable and give a lot more breathing room in later rounds.

Tier 3 automatically warps players forward a small distance upon activation of the Aether Shroud.

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With all three tiers, the Aether Shroud shines; it doesn't necessarily provide damage or health boosts, like some of the other field upgrades. But the utility provided and the instant get out of jail free card are far too good to pass up on.

When playing in a full squad for Black Ops Cold War Zombies, players may want to have something like the Healing Aura on, but Aether Shroud is at the top.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions, and what may seem the best for one may not be so for another.

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