The best IVs for Charizard in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Know Your Meme
Image via Know Your Meme
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Charizard is statistically a marvel in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and having good IVs will only add to its immense power.

Charizard received a decent amount of buffs in Generation VIII. While some people may wish they had the Mega Charizard forms back, Gigantamax Charizard is a big threat for opponents to handle.

Not only does Charizard become even more powerful than it normally is, but G-Max Wildfire packs a huge punch while inflicting passive damage for five turns afterward.

This also affects which IVs are beneficial to Charizard since a good trainer will account for Dynamax as well as what Charizard can normally do without Dynamax. Therefore, these are the ideal IVs for Charizard:

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The ideal IVs for Charizard in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Nintendo Soup
Image via Nintendo Soup

The most important stat for Charizard is Speed. At base 100, Charizard will need all the help it can get to outspeed many Pokemon. There are plenty of other Pokemon that also have base 100 Speed: Volcarona, Zapdos, Salamence, and several others.

To offensively deal with such Pokemon, Charizard needs to have the speed advantage. Nobody wants to risk these Pokemon getting the first move which can potentially harm Charizard. Getting Speed IVs as close to 31 as possible will help ensure that Charizard gets the jump on these Pokemon.

The other essential stat that Charizard needs good IVs in is Special Attack. It would be a shame if a Pokemon as powerful as Charizard would miss out on KO’s because it doesn’t have the IVs to back it up.

Charizard has 109 Special Attack; that’s good, but it’s not like Alakazam or Gengar, who could probably afford to have substandard Special Attack IVs.

Any trainer who has Charizard will likely want to Gigantamax frequently. In this form, Charizard can destroy many Pokemon, but it needs its Special Attack to be very close to max in order to do real damage.

Even though those are the essential stats for Charizard to have been buffed, there is one other stat that is important to check: HP. Not only can Gigantamax Charizard wipe out teams with strong attacks, but it also becomes bulky with the double HP. Therefore, having a high HP will benefit Charizard’s ability to take hits.

Any Dragapult or Inteleon can outspeed Charizard and deplete its health, but Gigantimax Charizard can take a hit and KO in return with a Max Wyrmwind or Max Overgrowth, respectively. This stat won’t require a full 31, but it’s at least nice to make sure those IVs aren’t less than 15 or so.

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