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The best Kar98k loadout in COD Warzone

(Image Credit: Games Atlas)
(Image Credit: Games Atlas)
Modified 06 Oct 2020, 03:40 IST

For a longtime in COD Warzone, the Kar98k was one of the go to weapons when it comes to both snipers and marksman rifles. It has the potential to one shot kill while also containing a good amount of agility and mobility. The rifle is one of the best in between options for power and speed.

Although the new SP-R 208 might have taken the crown as best overall rifle in Warzone, the Kar98k is still just as viable as an option for players who are used to the weapon or don't have the SP-R 208 yet.

The best Kar98k loadout in COD Warzone

Kar98k loadout attachments

(Image Credit: Dot Esports)
(Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Monolithic Suppressor

The must have attachment on almost any rifle in Warzone, the Monolithic Suppressor is going to be a must on this Kar98k loadout. It does two major things for the weapon which are integral. One is dampening the sound of the attachment and becoming less noticeable to enemies around the area. The second is increasing the damage range which will be invaluable on the Kar98k, especially since it isn't a genuine sniper rifle.

This suppressor and other attachments are going to lower the ads speed of the Kar98k. Considering the slower pace of Warzone compared to Multiplayer though, the ADS hit isn't as bad. The base ADS speed of the Kar98k will more than make up for it.

Singuard Custom 27.6" Barrel


As the heaviest barrel for the Kar98k, this attachment will further increase the ADS time of the weapon, but with some added benefits. The Singuard Custom will add even further damage range which the Kar98k is in dire need of in Warzone. In order to compete with the other base sniper rifles in the game, it can't be used like the go-to quick scoping rifles in Multiplayer. Adding in more damage range will make getting through those armor plates easier.

FTAC Sport Comb Stock

Some of the next attachments are going to be about making up for the ADS increases and bringing the Kar98k back to the dominant quick scoping sniper. The Sport Comb stock will simply decrease some more of the ADS times at the cost of stats like aiming stability, which aren't going to make a difference on sniper rifles for the most part.

Tac Laser

Though the laser is visible to enemies, the Tac Laser is one of the best ADS speed-boosting attachments. This will more than make up for the loss of speed with the first attachments added. The Kar98k with a Tac Laser in Warzone is always going to allow players to aim at the head before other sniper rifles can.

Sniper Scope

The base scope for the Kar98k doesn't have the best zoom and therefore isn't as useful at ranges as the default scopes for the genuine sniper rifles. At the cost of some ads stats, the scope will help immensely with longer range fights. If players are confident in the default scope in Warzone, then something like Stippled Grip Tape can be used to further decrease the ads time.

Published 06 Oct 2020, 03:40 IST
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