Top 4 unknown things about COD Warzone Season 6

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision
Modified 04 Oct 2020
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COD Warzone Season 6 has brought a lot of great changes to the battle royale. One of the major ones was the addition of the subway system. Two new weapons were also added. One of these is possibly the best sniper-like weapon in the game, and the other is an incredibly good assault rifle. Then there were changes made to things like floor loot in-game.

Not everything is immediately announced, though, and there are a host of features that are somewhat unknown to many players. There are four in particular that everyone should know with Season 6 of COD Warzone.

Top four aspects that are yet unknown about COD Warzone Season 6

#4 - Foresight Killstreak

Image Credits: Video Games Chronicle
Image Credits: Video Games Chronicle

This killstreak is a new addition to COD Warzone Season 6, and it merits a lot of the claims about being overpowered. This killstreak item reveals all the circles that will appear on the map throughout the match. It provides a crystal ball essentially for where players should run to camp out in the very last circle.

This item is rare in COD Warzone and can only be found in bunkers, making it a rare find in a match. That hasn't stopped community push back, and the drop rate has already been nerfed. But the killstreak remains, and many have never even seen it.

#3 - Subway Easter Egg

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision

Much like the stadium Easter egg from Season 5 of COD Warzone, a new Easter egg has been added to accompany the addition of the subway system. This challenge involves entering a code into a keypad and getting the code from a computer.

Taking that code and making a few different stops will allow players the opportunity to be taken to a new bunker. In this fortification will be the reward of a Firebrand blueprint for the Bruen MK9 LMG.

#2 - Season 5 Train

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision

The unknown change in the train isn't so much surprising as it is essential to know. According to Game Rant, this train no longer spawns in the same spot, as players might be used to in Season 5 of COD Warzone.

This train was implemented with the idea of a hot spot with some high-tier loot. Players can still land there, but keeping the location change in mind will be important.

#1 - Creepy Laughter

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision

The laughter of what appears to be a little girl has been reported by players on the Verdansk Warzone map. One thread and video on Reddit shows the laughter taking place at a random camp site.

No one is sure what exactly might trigger the laughing. But it's safe to assume that this Easter Egg is linked to the coming Haunting of Verdansk event on 20th October.

Published 04 Oct 2020
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