The best moveset for Dragonite in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via TCGPlayer Infinite
Image via TCGPlayer Infinite

Dragonite is the most annoying Pokemon in Pokemon Red & Blue.

The majority of its use comes from its access to Agility and Wrap, as Wrap is an insane move in Generation I. It does get some other good moves, but it's unfortunate that there are no good Dragon-Type moves available in these games.

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The best moveset for Dragonite in Pokemon Red and Blue

The Moveset

  • Move 1 Wrap
  • Move 2 Agility
  • Move 3 Hyper Beam
  • Move 4 Blizzard

As mentioned, Wrap is an incredibly oppressive move. It deals continual damage for 2-5 turns, and if the user goes first, the opponent cannot move during those turns. This means that they cannot use any attacks. It can be incredibly annoying, and also very strong. It does require Agility setup to gain enough speed for it to be detrimental. It may be difficult sometimes to find a good time to use Agility though, since paralyzing moves and Ice-Type attacks are used frequently.

Agility + Wrap is the name of the game here. Of course, those are only two moves though, so additionallally having Hyper Beam and Blizzard is great. Hyper Beam is its strongest STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) move. Blizzard allows it to hit Pokemon like Gengar, since both other moves are Normal-Type.

Let's go over some other options, as the moveset is customizable. Thunderbolt is a solid option for hitting Pokemon like Lapras, Cloyster, and Starmie for super effective damage. Depending on the player's team composition, this may be used over Blizzard or Hyper Beam. Thunder Wave is a great option in tandem with Agility. A fast paralyze can be absolutely terrifying. An alternative moveset could be replacing Hyper Beam with one of these two moves, likely Thunder Wave.

Partnering Dragonite with Pokemon like Chansey is great too, since it can defensively switch against threats like Blizzard and Thunderbolt. Also, having something for Gengar is a big deal, as it's the biggest check. So something with Ground coverage is great, like Rhydon or Snorlax with Earthquake.

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