The best moveset for Duraladon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Dexerto
Image via Dexerto

A unique cross between a dragon and a skyscraper, the odd-looking Duraladon is actually a heavy hitter in Pokemon Sword and Shield, thanks to the powerful moves it can learn.

Duraladon is the first Dragon/Steel type Pokemon since Dialga. Thanks to its Dragon type, it gets Draco Meteor, and thanks to its Steel typing, it gets Steel Beam. Taking into consideration that Duraladon has a sky-high special attack (120), it’s clear that this Pokemon was made to drop some of the strongest moves in the game on its enemies.

Unlike most other Dragon-types, however, it sacrifices its speed for more bulk. Using this moveset on Duraladon will capitalize on its raw power:

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The best moveset for Duraladon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Newsweek
Image via Newsweek

Given Duraladon’s typing, it makes sense to give the Pokemon the most powerful Dragon and Steel moves available. From there, it’s just a matter of finding two coverage moves for it.

  • -Draco Meteor
  • -Flash Cannon/Steel Beam
  • -Thunderbolt
  • -Body Press

Draco Meteor should be a staple for any Dragon-type Pokemon with a high special attack stat. Of course, it does have the drawback of cutting the Pokemon’s special attack in half after use, but that Pokemon could always switch to reset its stats.

Dragon type moves don’t hit anything for super effective damage (unless it’s used on an opposing Dragon-type), so it’s better for these Pokemon to use a move that will do the most powerful neutral damage. Draco Meteor is usually a one-hit KO on any Pokemon it touches.

It’s not everyday that a Dragon-type Pokemon comes along that can counter Fairy-types. With access to Flash Cannon, however, Duraladon can deal with many Fairies that would otherwise beat it. In fact, this Pokemon can almost beat Opal’s Fairy Gym on it’s own, since it can KO Galarian Weezing, Togekiss, and Dynamax in front of Alcremie.

Steel Beam is a fun option for those who have the Isle of Armor DLC. At 140 base power, it can delete any opponent. This move does cut the user’s HP in half, though, so it’s certainly risky. Flash Cannon is more accurate, but it won't decimate Pokemon the way Steel Beam will. It’s great in matches where Duraladon is only needed to KO one thing.

Thunderbolt is excellent on Duraladon due to its typing. Since it is Dragon/Steel type, it resists Water and Flying Pokemon. With Thunderbolt, it now can completely counter those Pokemon. This is especially beneficial considering how many Water and Flying types there are in Pokemon Sword and Shield, such as Corviknight, Drednaw and Cramorant.

Body Press is probably the oddball of the group, but it makes sense since Duraladon actually has great defense (115). Since Body Press uses the defense stat when it damages opposing Pokemon, this makes for a fairly powerful attack on Duraladon. It is also useful for Steel-type Pokemon that resist Dragon attacks. With a Fighting move, Duraladon can account for Steel-types that it couldn’t otherwise beat.

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