Top 5 strangely-designed Galarian Pokemon

Pokemon come in various shapes and sizes (Image via Pokemon)
Pokemon come in various shapes and sizes (Image via usgamer)

As with any new generation, Pokemon Sword and Shield offers a new set of Pokemon with strange, puzzling designs.

Of course, thinking outside the box has resulted in some fan-favorite Pokemon as well. Who would have thought that a Pokemon based on origami would look cool? Alas, they created Kartana.

There have also been a fair amount of oddballs for all the Pokemon with intriguing, dynamic designs. Generation VIII certainly isn't exempt from this trend. Here are some Pokemon whose designs were a bit uncanny.

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Five Galarian Pokemon with strange designs

#5 - Grimmsnarl

Image via Game With
Image via Game With

The first Dark and Fairy type in the game, Grimmsnarl, seems to be based on a Moblin or similar creature. The big thing that stands out for Grimmsnarl (and Impidimp and Morgrem, for that matter) is the Emo-styled hair.

That, added with the sharp nose and pointy chin, creates a pretty shocking image. The Pokemon makes up for it, however, by having an awe-inspiring Gigantimax form.

#4 - Duraludon

Image via Dexerto
Image via Dexerto

A Pokemon based on a tower was definitely high up there on the list of most unexpected things in Pokemon Sword and Shield. With an incredibly steep neck, Duraludon is a dragon that closely imitates the structure of a skyscraper.

In fact, its Gigantimax form looks exactly like a building, with windows and everything. It can be jarring to look at a dragon that is so mechanical and stiff.

#3 - Eiscue

Image via PokeJungle
Image via PokeJungle

The penguin motif had already been done in Generation IV with the Piplup line, so Game Freak had to change it up. Putting an ice block on a penguin's head was a very unorthodox way to do so, however. This design does work with a very fun mechanic in Eiscue's ability.

With Ice Face, if Eiscue gets hit with a physical move, it loses the ice cube and has a massive increase in speed. This new form of Eiscue has a pretty sleek design, and it's just hard to ignore the Pokemon with the ice cube on.

#2 - Arctozolt

Image via Polygon
Image via Polygon

Every single Fossil Pokemon in Generation VIII looks a little unsettling, but none as much as Arctozolt. The concept of Fossil Pokemon having the head of one Pokemon and the body of another was fascinating. The combinations made for some very strange designs, though.

With a large iceberg for a body and small yellow hands and face, Arctozolt undoubtedly qualifies as a head-scratcher, and that's even without mentioning the ice running down its nose.

#1 - Appletun

Image via Dexerto
Image via Dexerto

Over the years, Pokemon has pulled from a wide variety of influences for their Dragon types. They have thought up everything from an ax dragon (Haxorus), a shark dragon (Garchomp), and a coconut tree (Alolan Exeggutor).

However, basing a dragon Pokemon around an apple pie should easily be the oddest choice of them all. Appletun's resemblance to an apple pie is so deeply rooted that it barely has any of a typical dragon's characteristics. It has a tiny tail and no wings, unless the two feathers on top of its head count.

It should be very surprising if Pokemon uses any more desserts as inspirations for their dragons in future games.