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The best moveset for Scizor in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Shane Foley
Modified 24 Mar 2021

Anyone who can trade Syther or Scizor should do so because Scizor has some vicious capabilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The power of Scizor mainly comes from its ability: Technician. Scizor also has Light Metal and Swarm, but Technician is infinitely better. With this ability, all of Scizor’s moves that have a base power of 60 or less get an attack buff of 50%.

This means that moves that are normally too weak to be viable (Quick Attack, Bullet Punch, Fury Cutter, etc.) all of the sudden become viable. Scizor also has a base Attack of 130, so these moves pack a serious punch. With this moveset, Scizor can toss opponents aside easily.

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The best moveset for Scizor in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The goal of this moveset is to take advantage of Technician as much as possible. With these moves, Scizor will be able to damage even the bulkiest Pokemon.

Swords Dance


Swords Dance is used to maximize Scizor’s attack. If Technician boosts weak moves, then a Swords Dance will make them incredibly powerful.

Scizor also has surprisingly good bulk, with 80 HP and a 100 base Defense stat, so the Pokemon should have no trouble taking a hit while it sets up. After the boost, only a few Pokemon can defend themselves against Scizor's sheer force.

Bullet Punch

Bullet Punch is one of the most powerful moves in the game when taking Technician into account. Bullet Punch has priority, so Scizor’s low speed won’t matter.

After Swords Dance, Scizor can simply spam Bullet Punch and defeat most teams before they get to move. While it may not do the most damage in Dynamax, Max Steelstrike does increase Scizor’s Defense, which makes it bulkier as well. There are many ways to play around with this move.


Bullet Punch is walled by Steel-type Pokemon, so Superpower is a great way to account for them. A 120 base power move that’s buffed up by a Swords Dance should be enough to knock most Pokemon into the stratosphere.

This is also a phenomenal Dynamax option. Max Knuckle will raise Scizor’s attack even more and obliterate the enemy. In fact, if Scizor is ever too threatened to set up Swords Dance, it can simply Dynamax and raise its attack through Max Knuckle and power up the rest of its moves that way.

Dual Wingbeat

Dual Wingbeat is another way of taking advantage of Technician. It is a 40 base power move that strikes twice if it hits (90% accuracy). With the Technician boost, however, it becomes a 60 base power move for each hit.

This is a great way to rack up damage. After Swords Dance or Max Knuckle boost, this likely becomes Scizor’s strongest attack. It’s a great way to deal with high defense Pokemon like Runerigus and Toxapex. Max Airstream also increases Scizor’s speed, which is a weakness Scizor definitely appreciates patching up.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 00:11 IST
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