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The best moveset for Umbreon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Shane Foley
Modified 24 Mar 2021

Perhaps the most defensive of the Eeveelutions, Umbreon has the potential to wall the most powerful Pokemon in the Galar Region.

If there is any Pokemon that has perfect defensive stats, Umbreon is pretty close to it. It has 95 HP, 110 Defense and 130 Special Attack; that’s going to be an incredible challenge to bring down.

What makes Umbreon even more of a pain to deal with is that its movepool is filled with moves that can lower the opponent’s stats. Snarl lowers the opponent’s Special Attack, Charm lowers its Attack, and Confuse Ray may stop the opponent from attacking all together. Umbreon is also excellent at boosting its own stats, with moves like Work Up and Curse. With this moveset, Umbreon becomes a defensive stalwart.

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The best moveset for Umbreon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Though it is amazingly defensive, what Umbreon lacks is attacking power. This moveset is built to increase Umbreon’s strength while keeping it as healthy as possible.

  • Work Up
  • Moonlight
  • Dark Pulse
  • Stored Power

Work Up is a very unique move. While most boosting moves raise only one offensive stat, Work Up boosts both Attack and Special Attack. Even though this moveset mainly uses Special Attacks, players could experiment with this to create interesting sets. Either way, if Umbreon wants to do any sort of damage, it needs some way of buffing its stats.

Moonlight makes Umbreon almost unkillable. Given its incredibly high defenses, opponents will be frustrated when they try to inflict damage, only to have Umbreon replenish its health. This move pairs well with Work Up. After a boost or two, Umbreon can heal back up. Then, Umbreon should be healthy enough to take a few more hits and powerful enough to take down opponents.

This move is great for grinding up Umbreon’s level too, since healing up with Moonlight means the player can spend less time running to a PokeCenter every time Umbreon gets injured.

After Work Up boosting, Dark Pulse is Umbreon’s strongest move. Fortunately, there are several battles where a strong Dark-type move is going to come in handy. There are many encounters where a Dark-type Pokemon will be effective (except in the Champion’s Cup where his whole team is Psychic/Fairy), and there is a Ghost-type gym in Pokemon Shield.

Aside from this, Umbreon is so defensive that it can chip other Pokemon down with Dark Pulse and heal up damage to beat opponents over time. Gym battles like Raihan’s Dragon Gym, Allister’s Rock-type gym and Melony’s Ice-type gym are all battles where Umbreon can easily win on its own.

Stored Power is an incredibly powerful move on Umbreon. The way Stored Power works is that, for every stat that the user increases, the move’s power grows by 20. With no stat boosts, Stored Power is a 20 power move. With Work Up, however, Umbreon get’s two stats raised. After two Work Ups, Umbreon gets a 100 base power Stored Power with double Special Attack!.This is more than enough to annihilate most Pokemon found in the game.

Published 24 Mar 2021, 01:04 IST
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