The best moveset for Vaporeon in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via GameSkinny
Image via GameSkinny

Vaporeon could be a contender for the strongest Eeveelution. It’s a powerful, bulky Water-Type Pokemon that has access to a great move pool. It also happens to be extremely useful later in the game.

Blaine, Giovanni, Bruno, and Lance all lose to Vaporeon, and it resists most of Loreli’s Pokemon as well. Vaporeon can run a couple of different sets, but this is article explains, generally, its best four moves.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

The best moveset for Vaporeon in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam/Aurora Beam
  • Toxic
  • Rest

Surf is a ubiquitous Water-type move. All players should slap this move on any Water Pokemon, not just Vaporeon. With 95 base power and 100% accuracy, Vaporeon makes better use of the move than risking a miss with Hydro Pump. Also, getting across bodies of water is obviously useful as well.

Given that one of the most difficult fights in the game is Lance's Dragon and Flying team in the Elite Four, Ice coverage is essential. Even though it isn't an Ice-type Pokemon, an Ice Beam from Vaporeon still does massive damage.

The only instance where players should use Aurora Beam in Ice Beam's place is if Vaporeon is on a team with another Pokemon that wants the Ice Beam TM. Sadly, TM is one use only in Generation I, so players need to be careful with which Pokemon get them.

Toxic is one of the most underrated moves in the game. Generation I features several bulky tanks, and one of the best ways to deal with them is getting them badly poisoned.

Over time, Toxic will deal so much damage that Vaporeon can finish off with a Surf. Toxic is also great against trainers that heal back their Pokemon with items, as they can't heal off Toxic forever. Giving Vaporeon the Toxic TM is a wise decision since other defensive Pokemon, like Venusaur or Tentacruel, learn Toxic naturally.

Nothing pairs better with Toxic than recovery. In matchups where Vaporeon can't overpower the enemy, inflicting poison and healing with Rest can be a great strategy.

Vaporeon has one of the highest HP stats in the game. It can be scary to let a Pokemon sleep for two turns, but Vaporeon can most likely live through a couple of hits.

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