Best Tec-9 loadout in Black Ops Cold War Season 5

Level the battle pass to earn the Tec-9 (Image via Activision)
Level the battle pass to earn the Tec-9 (Image via Activision)

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War brings a brand new submachine gun in the form of the Tec-9. It's one of two new weapons in the Battle Pass along with the EM2.

The Tec-9 is a submachine gun that boasts a different kind of playstyle compared to the other options in the class. While the weapon can certainly still be used in close quarters conflicts, mid-range is where the Tec-9 really sets itself apart. The slower fire rate and the low recoil makes the weapon perfect for medium-range fights where other submachine guns may fall short.

On top of the range and fire rate, the Tec-9 has some muzzles that can change the entire dynamic. The weapon starts out as a semi-automatic submachine gun, but muzzle attachments can change that. There is a burst fire barrel and a full auto barrel that players can equip to change the Tec-9.

It is difficult to pin down which attachments are the best for the new weapon. For anyone struggling trying to find a sweetspot, the best Tec-9 loadout can be found below.

Best attachments for Tec-9 in Black Ops Cold War Season 5

Considering the unique nature of Tec-9, what players find effective with the muzzles may vary. But it's the burst fire and other support attachments that stand out.

Best attachments for the Tec-9 in Black Ops Cold War Season 5:

  • Muzzle: Burst Fire Repeater
  • Barrel: 7.3" Reinforced Heavy
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Handle: Dropshot Wrap
  • Magazine: 30 Rnd

As the name suggests, the Burst Fire Repeater attachment converts the Tec-9 to burtst fire. With the power of the Tec-9, having burst fire allows for fast, accurate and deadlier shots.

The 7.3" Reinforced Heavy Barrel will give the Tec-9 a farther damage range and a higher bullet velocoty. Both are great for how the Tec-9 functions.

Field Agent Grips are typical attachments on many weapons. It simply decreases the recoil of the weapon both horizontally and vertically.

Using the Dropshot Wrap only gives minimal negatives, while providing players with flinch resistance and the ability to drop shot.

The final attachment for the Tec-9 is a 30 Rnd magazine. While the weapon doesn't run out of ammo too fast, the base magazine is fairly small. The 30 Rnd upgrade makes a big difference.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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