"The cloud port is an absolute wreck": Nintendo Switch players are enraged at poor Kingdom Hearts cloud port

The cloud port has made many players angry (Image via Square Enix)
The cloud port has made many players angry (Image via Square Enix)

Players often lose count when tallying all the Kingdom Hearts games in the series. To tackle this, Nintendo has made a complete collection of the main games in the series available to Switch users. However, there is a catch as the games have been made available by Square Enix in the form of a cloud port.

The Kingdom Hearts series is finally available on Nintendo Switch via Cloud starting today!Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (DLC) are all up to 20% off now! #KH20th

Cloud gaming has been rising in popularity in recent years, with several services, including Xbox Game Pass, actively integrating it. There are various reasons why developers make cloud ports, and the Nintendo Switch's limited hardware capabilities justifies a cloud port of Kingdom Hearts.

Since its release, players have apparently not taken too kindly to the cloud port.

Fans are not happy with the cloud port of the Kingdom Hearts collection on Nintendo Switch

Cloud ports are not the smoothest gaming experiences as the technology is still being fine-tuned. If the community and their reactions are anything to go by, the release of Kingdom Hearts' Switch port has been a disaster.

"An actual wreck" is what one gamer/YouTuber has used to describe the cloud port. Their frustration has resulted in them claiming Square Enix to be one of the laziest companies in the gaming world. the Cloud port is an actual Wreck, Square Enix has to be one of the most laziest gaming companies i鈥檝e ever met.

There were general tweets warning players about the poor quality of the cloud port. The players are trying to get Square Enix's attention as to the state of the cloud port and are asking for native ports.

Do NOT buy Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo Switch. Make sure Square Enix knows we want PROPER NATIVE PORTS. Not cloud versions.Nothing less.

There was also a debate on the requirement for a cloud port in the first place. While the Nintendo Switch's hardware capacity may not be off the charts, other games with relatively more resource-heavy builds have native ports.

If No Man鈥檚 Sky can get a non-cloud switch port, then so can the Kingdom Hearts games. (Though I can understand 3 staying cloud.) Gimmie native switch ports for KH 1.5 + 2.5 and 2.8 Square.

There were further requests from even the most passionate Kingdom Hearts fans to get Square Enix to make native ports.

kingdom hearts is one of my most favorite gaming franchises of all time and i am literally begging you to not support the cloud versions on switch, it鈥檚 absolutely ridiculous that square is so lazy that they won鈥檛 even create native ports for games that could 100% work on switch.

Some fans even hilariously asked if lagging on the cloud port was part of the storyline.

The KH Cloud Ver. Ports Are "ACTUALLY" Sora desperately trying to retain and recall his memories and experiences but they are slowly but surely slipping back to the realm whence he came.Thus starts the end the ReMind and begins Phase 2 of Kingdom Hearts鈥

Much of the disappointment about the cloud port comes from the fact that many players believe that the Nintendo Switch has enough ability to run a native port.

The biggest issue with the cloud Kingdom Hearts collection is that there is ZERO reason the Switch, which runs ports of FF X and XII nearly flawlessly, shouldn't just get a straight port of AT LEAST KH and KH II.
After an hour of playing Kingdom Hearts III, I'll take the L on this one.Game runs bad on switch... cloud is a garbage way to play. If we ever get native ports of Kingdom Hearts stuff, I'll check those out, cause I definitely see the quality behind the cloudy crumbs.
Dude, absolute shame on @SquareEnix for these cloud ports of Kingdom Hearts on Switch. $90 for streaming-only games that crash your console and perform worse than the PS2 originals? Are you kidding me? You can鈥檛 put the games to sleep, & the videos stutter, even w/ Ethernet. Wow
If you primarily play on the Switch and have wanted to get into Kingdom Hearts: Don鈥檛. The cloud versions are a mess. Voice that you want native ports, or look into getting it on PS4. The All in One Package is routinely around 20-30 bucks at most retailers.

All in all, the reception that Square Enix would have expected from the Kingdom Hearts players isn't there. According to the fans, there are several performance issues, and it will be interesting to see what impact this could have on Square Enix's future.

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