The entire Corpse Husband face reveal drama, explained

Everything we know about the Corpse Husband face reveal drama (Image via Sportskeeda)
Everything we know about the Corpse Husband face reveal drama (Image via Sportskeeda)

Corpse Husband is one of the most popular 'faceless' streamers on the internet. The streamer/musician has been in the industry for quite some time, but rose to fame during the Among Us craze in 2020.

Ever since his rise to fame, fans have been trying to discover details about his life, which the streamer chose to keep private. This includes trying to get a glimpse of the streamer's face somehow, but all such attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

Corpse's face has allegedly been revealed multiple times in the past, but several posts claiming to reveal Corpse's face surfaced in September 2021. These posts gained quite some traction, but there is still no actual proof that the person in question is Corpse Husband himself.

Corpse Husband's alleged face reveal sparks off debate in the Twitter community

What was more noteworthy than Corpse's face probably being revealed was the reaction that people had to it. Most people reacted quite negatively to the news, spewing all kinds of hateful comments directed at the streamer.

However, Corpse's fans and friends soon came to his rescue, and bashed those who thought it was okay to make spiteful comments about someone else's appearance. The common view echoed in this incident was that Corpse Husband never really claimed to be a very attractive person, so it was unfair for people to bash him just because his alleged appearance did not meet up to their standards.

Corpse Husband is someone who suffers from severe panic attacks and is known to have anxiety. Therefore, his fans lashed out saying that it was justified for him to want to keep his appearance a secret since these negative comments were the kind of reactions he would receive.

Fans also brought to notice that Corpse Husband had repeatedly mentioned that he was not comfortable with a face reveal. So, the fact that people are so "up in his business" that they would try to force a face reveal was outright disgusting.

Additionally, even if the face reveal was fake, people were insulting the appearance of some innocent person who they did not even know.

Overall, the entire drama that transpired over the final days of September made it quite clear why Corpse Husband did not feel comfortable with a face reveal. The streamer himself has not yet spoken about the situation.

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