The Esports Club joins hands with Lenovo and AMD to make the 3rd iteration of their LG Ultragear Valorant Championship Series, the biggest in the nation

Abhishek Mallick
Image Credits: The Esports Club

The Esports Club, the Bangalore based esports platform, has been growing exponentially in India. And as tournament hosts, the org has indeed proven to be one of the best in the business with their latest Valorant Championship Series.

Now to those unaware, The Esports Club had earlier announced a 5 tournament LG Ultragear Championship Series, starting from August and going all the way up to December.

And though the initial prize pool was a total of INR 7,50,000 divided into 5 Valorant tournaments, it has now gone up to a whopping INR 9 lakh. For the third iteration of the tournament in October, The Esports Club have announced that they will be joining hands with AMD and Lenovo to up the total prize pool by 33%.

Each iteration of the tournament will now be boasting an INR 2 lakh pool, and the series has now become the biggest Valorant tournament in the nation as of yet.

The Esports Club Valorant Championship Series has been incredibly successful

Valorant wouldn’t have been able to grow as exponentially as it did in India, if not for organizations like The Esports Club.

They have been one of the more successful esports platforms and have boasted incredible success throughout the first two iterations of the Championship in terms of both viewership and the professional level of broadcasting that they brought to the table.

When talking about the success of the first two Valorant tournaments, Mansoor “Nabu” Ahmed, the Direct of Esports of The Esports Club, stated:

The response to the TEC Challenger series has been phenomenal. Valorant in India is at a critical stage of development and we’re happy to be in a position where we can help provide a stable competitive platforms for teams as they gear up for an exciting future in esports

After the first two competitions where the org partnered with AMD, The Esports Club will now also be bringing Lenovo as the third key partner, “as they look to elevate the event and increase the prize pool for players.”

While talking about their latest venture, Ishaan Arya, Co-Founder, The Esports Club, commented:

We are extremely excited to welcome Lenovo on board as a partner for the TEC Challenger Series. With the joint vision of maturing the esports community in India, we look forward to creating bigger and better opportunities for our community with this strategic partnership

The India Marketing Head of AMD, Mukesh Bajpai, said:

High performance gaming is a key forte for AMD and we have always understood the pulse of gamers and catered to their changing needs. The TEC Challenger Series is a tremendous opportunity to interact with the rapidly growing gaming community in India. We are pleased to continue our strong collaboration with Lenovo in this tournament with notebooks powered by AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processors empowering gamers to push their boundaries even further.

Amit Doshi, the Chief Marketing Officer of Lenovo, has also chimed in about the brilliant progress that The Esports Club is making, and said:

We are committed to providing a premium gaming experience to all our users. The partnership with The Esports Club is one step in that direction. Over the last few years, we have worked on bringing powerful gaming devices to India and creating and supporting multiple platforms for the community to engage in. We recently launched our IdeaPad Gaming 3 Notebook, powered by Ryzen 7 processor built for gamers to support with their gaming and multitasking. We are also gearing up to launch several other gaming notebooks powered with AMD later this year.The TEC Challenger Series for Valorant gives us an amazing platform to reach and engage with the esports community while also contributing to the esports growth in India.

The Esports Club LG Ultragear Valorant Championship Series 3 starts on the 13th of October

As registrations will be closing on the 11th of October, you need to start hurrying and register your Valorant squad on The Esports Club Website. The 3rd Valorant tournament is all set to begin on the 13th of October. It boasts a total prize pool of INR 2 lakhs, out of which the champions take home INR 1 lakh.

The goal of The Esports Club Challenger Series has always been to “create long term and sustainable esports IP’s that give players a recurring opportunity to play, improve, and win. The company is investing in the future of Valorant and working closely in sync with publisher Riot Games to help support the budding esports ecosystem with multiple tournaments and opportunities for players during its 5 months long tournament. The tournament has been received very well by players and fans alike with nearly One Million Views amassed on the official live streams of the first two events with the trend set to grow with the new partnership with Lenovo.”

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal


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