The fastest way to level up in New World

Players battling in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
Players battling in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
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New World is much like other MMO games that require players to grind through levels.

To level up in New World can be a daunting task for players who may not be able to commit a lot of time to the game. Truly, reaching a new level can be a daunting process that takes a long time.


There are ways to level up just a bit faster in New World, however. Developing your character, whether with gear, weapons, skills, or just with experience, will get you to the level you want.

New World: How to level up quick

A player at a settlement in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
A player at a settlement in New World (Image via Amazon Games)

There are a handful of ways to level up quicker in New World. Some of these aren't necessarily told to you once you jump into the MMO. Here are some of the fastest methods to earn XP.

Rest in a settlement:

When players are logging off of New World for the day, be sure to rest in a settlement. When you log back into the game, you will have a Rested XP Bonus. Any task that gives you level XP will grant a bit more as long as the bonus is active.

Town Missions:

Even though the XP gifted by doing Town Missions was lowered since the beta period, this is still a great method to level up quickly. There are always a ton of Town Missions available. Do them all for rapid XP gain.

Main Quests:

If the main storyline of New World is your favorite part of the game, this will be no problem. If you are a new or simply a lower level, you will get a ton of XP for completing the main quests.

Hit enemies while others are fighting:

This is a little sneaky way to obtain XP without having to do much. If you are exploring and come across another player fighting a hostile, join the fight for just one quick hit. One hit will ensure you gain XP once the other player defeats it.

Travel efficiently:

This last tip isn't about gaining XP in New World, but more about using your time leveling up wisely. Stay at an Inn to recall. Own multiple homes. Fast travel with Azoth or at a Shrine. Waste as little time reaching your objectives as possible.

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