The Fortnite community has a growing clickbait problem, and players are still falling for it

Image Credits: ChilliNikov, YouTube
Image Credits: ChilliNikov, YouTube
Rishabh B.
Modified 09 Oct 2020

Fortnite has been a tremendously successful game for a long time. As of May 2020, this title was played by more than 350 million players. However, Fortnite’s success often gets attributed to the numerous content creators that it has spawned.

Over the past several months, the clickbait problem has been highly prevalent among quite a few content creators. Back in June, we talked about the plethora of YouTubers who use ‘clickbaity’ titles to make people watch their content and use their creator code. This had resulted in a policy change for Fortnite’s ‘Support a Creator’ program.

The Fortnite community and clickbaiting: A murky relationship

The new policy included a clause which opened up the possibility of Epic Games suing content creators who used ‘clickbaity’ effects to attract attention. It is no secret that much of the Fortnite community is filled with young people who love playing it.

Various content creators like Gattu have often been accused of using clickbait techniques to attract their content. This includes the promise of multiple gifts and exclusive rewards, or only using a misleading video description that promises more than it ends up delivering.

Apart from the obvious problems of ‘clickbait content’, there are other reasons that play a part. Such content works to mislead and confuse gamers, which can especially be an issue for beginners, who are still figuring out the fundamental aspects of Fortnite.

Moreover, content creators like Gattu, once accused of using ‘clickbait’ techniques, lose their authenticity and might see their career negatively affected.

Fortnite has one of the most impressionable gaming communities out there, and players are always susceptible to ‘clickbait’ content that promises more than what it delivers.

Furthermore, quite a few Fortnite ‘giveaways’ that such content creators host are often a sham. Instead of giving away free gifts to randomly chosen people, YouTubers often end up giving them to their friends.

In the past, quite a few popular YouTubers like SypherPK have also been accused of posting ‘clickbait’ content. It is the most common accusation levied against Fortnite content creators, and quite a few of them continue to follow these practices even today.

Published 09 Oct 2020
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