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The lack of animation clarity has made Seraphine’s ‘KDA All-Out’ skin the most broken cosmetic in Wild RIft

Image from Dunia Games
Image from Dunia Games
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 19:42 IST

The lack of a clear animation has broken Seraphine’s all-out KDA skin in Wild Rift.

For a region-specific open beta game, having a few bugs here and there is all part of the natural development process, and Wild Rift seems to have a lot of these glitches lying about. While most bugs are just annoying and bothersome for the players, there are a few which have been literally breaking the game.

In a recent Reddit post, one Wild Rift open beta player, who goes by the handle of Ferret talked in-depth about two of the biggest gameplay bugs at the moment.

The Redditor highlights the Redemption bug, where the active ability of the item doesn’t activate if it’s bought when the player is dead, as well as, the lack of visual clarity that Seraphine’s all-out KDA skin brings to the table.

Now, whether the latter is a visual clarity bug or something that riot intended to do is not known. However, what is clear is the fact that the Seraphine's KDA All Out skin is making it very difficult for the opponents to identify the animation of her E “Beat Drop”. 

It’s because of this very reason that Ferret calls this a ‘Pay to win’ situation, where a player just needs to invest in a skin to have an unfair advantage over opponents.

WIld Rift bug and visual clarity issues

Ferret says in the Wild RIft Reddit post,

“I found a bug in Wild Rift while playing ranked games with my friends. My build has redemption and support items. In the middle of a team fight, I died and was able to purchase redemption in the shop while I was dead, but after I bought it and respawned, I can’t use the redemption even if I leave the summoning platform. I also experienced this bug in my other games, even if I did undo the purchase while I’m still in the summoning platform.”
“I think that this bug occurs when you buy redemption when you’re dead. But it does work if you’re alive when you buy redemption.”
“I also have another concern on Seraphine’s KDA skin, mostly when you’re fighting her in the top lane as support. KDA All Out Seraphine’s 3rd Ability which is “Beat Drop”, you can’t clearly see her ability’s animation and when compared to the normal skin and KDA skin of Seraphine’s 3rd skill. It makes a huge difference. Is it pay to win skin? I really hope this reaches the game dev.”

The entire Wild Rift post was the support ticket that Ferret filed in the game’s consumer forum.

Image Credits: Ferret
Image Credits: Ferret

But Riot doesn’t exactly give a very helpful reply, as Ferret might have been using a VPN to access the region-specific Wild Rift Opet Beta servers.

Published 06 Nov 2020, 19:42 IST
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