The latest Bloodborne PC rumor is disappointing news for Soulsborne fans

The latest Bloodborne PC rumor comes with a disappointing news (Image via FromSoftware)
The latest Bloodborne PC rumor comes with a disappointing news (Image via FromSoftware)

The most recent rumor surrounding Bloodborne PC comes with very disappointing news for fans of the Soulsborne genre. Coming from Jeff Grubb, the rumor is that FromSoftware is highly unlikely to work on a Bloodborne-related project at any time soon, partly due to the IP's console exclusivity.

Much like God of War and The Last of Us, Bloodborne is one of the most beloved PS4 exclusives. While PlayStation has made almost their entire first-party catalog available to PC players, with some exclusives like Helldivers 2 releasing on both PC and PS5 simultaneously, Bloodborne has yet to get the same treatment.

Judging from the comments made by Jeff Grubb, as well as FromSoftware's president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, it seems a Bloodborne PC port or a PS remaster won't happen any time soon.

Bloodborne PC is highly unlikely to happen any time soon, according to Jeff Grubb

In a recent X post, Jeff Grubb mentioned how a Bloodborne PC port is likely off the table for FromSoftware, based on Hidetaka Miyazaki's statements regarding the game in a recent interview with PC Gamer. According to Grubb, the biggest hurdle Bloodborne is facing in the way of getting a PC port or even a remaster is its console exclusivity.

In his post, Jeff Grubb states:

"It's just not happening at the moment. At least not involving From. From's time is worth too much, and Sony probably doesn't want to pay the premium to lock it down. It's hard to imagine From working on a one-console exclusive ever again."

This statement is based on Hidetaka Miyazaki's mentioning that FromSoftware is open to the idea of remastering or making Bloodborne available to more players (hinting at the Bloodborne PC port). However, it's not something FromSoftware has any control over since the IP is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and PlayStation.

Bloodborne, despite its age, still holds its own against FromSoftware's other titles, partly due to its Lovecraftian themes and art style, but also due to its very unique combat system. Despite featuring a similar progression system as the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne feels and plays quite differently compared to other FromSoftware titles.

However, while the game's themes and combat system might hold up pretty well, its visuals do not. This is why fans have been asking for a dedicated PS5 or PC port of the game, or better, a full-on remake/ remaster.

Unfortunately, it's quite unlikely that fans of the Soulsborne genre will get anything Bloodborne-related any time soon, which also makes a lot of sense considering FromSoftware's current status as well as the lack of acknowledgment from PlayStation themselves.

It's also very much possible that SIE and PlayStation are planning to give Bloodborne a full-fledged remake treatment akin to Demon's Souls, and perhaps even a PC release as well. However, the lack of communication regarding the same, despite fans clamoring for a Bloodborne PC port or remaster, for years, is quite disheartening.

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Edited by Adarsh J Kumar
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