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The Markiplier and Kanye joke that's taking Twitter by storm: what is kanyeiplier?

Image via @mementomark on Twitter
Image via @mementomark on Twitter
Danyal Arabi
Modified 03 Jan 2021, 22:30 IST

In the wee hours of January 3rd 2021, many were puzzled to check their trending page on twitter to find the #kanyeiplier up there.

Twitter users began putting up images depicting Kanye West and Markiplier either collabing or together in imaginary scenarios, which trended thanks to everyone's bewilderment. Some users took to reddit to explain the viral hashtag, while twitter was flooded with mass confusion.

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What is #kanyeiplier?

#Kanyeiplier official Twitter description
#Kanyeiplier official Twitter description

While Twitter gives the somewhat apt description of #kanyeiplier above, reddit user u/LivingALegacy described the meme with a little more context for fans out there.

"Fans of YouTuber Markiplier, who had become so distraught of the death of the channel Unus Annus, that they have decided on a new ship, between Markiplier and Kanye West. Amyplier (Amy Nelson and Markiplier) is no more as Kanyeiplier is the now official ship. (don't ask me why I don't make the rules, I am only a description guy) - u/LivingALegacy

Taking the meme a step further fans began poorly photoshopping Kanye and Markiplier with some pretty hilarious results.


For those out of the loop, Unnus Annus was a channel that was collaborative effort between YouTuber CrankGameplays (Unnus) and Markiplier (Annus). The channel was of an experimental nature, in that the creators mentioned in their first video itself that their channel name "Unus Annus," is also Latin for "One Year," which explains the channel's lifespan.


And true to their word, the channel was deleted exactly one year after the first video was uploaded. Markiplier has stated that edited clips of Unnus Annus will be allowed to stay up, but that archived reuploads of the channel will be taken down.

With no ways for fans to get a fix for their Unnus Annus content cravings, kanyeiplier was bound to happen.

YouTube fandom notes states the following about the nature of the Unnus Annus channel as well.

"Many fans have dubbed Unus Annus a cult as a running joke during the channel's lifespan. Mark and Ethan have jokingly denied this and see the humor in the claim."

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Published 03 Jan 2021, 22:30 IST
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