Top 5 vehicles players must own in GTA Online

The Oppressor Mk2 (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Oppressor Mk2 (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online's 7-year run has seen the addition of many vehicles to the game. While most are status symbols, some vehicles provide a level of utility that no other vehicle can during different parts of a GTA Online player's journey.

From the early game, where the money is hard to come by to the late game, where optimizing money-making routes is key; here are 5 must-own vehicles for all GTA Online players out there.

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Top 5 vehicles GTA Online players must own

#1 - Armoured Kuruma

"The perfect car to go with your flesh tunnel earrings, frosted spikes, and oversize jeans. Buy this and you'll never fail to be mistaken for a small town drug dealer again. This edition helps prevent a mistake turning into a tragedy with armor plating." - Southern San Andreas Super Autos Description

Price: $698,250 or $525,000 (After The Fleeca Job)

This car is invaluable in the early game of GTA Online. Players can get this practically indestructible (by bullets not rockets) car for very cheap. It serves as a crutch in heist setups and finales.

#2 - Bati 801

"The ultimate in going 0-80 in 2.3, then 80-0 in a fraction as you slide under a tractor trailer truck." ―Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

Price: $15,000

The Bati 801 provides insane value for a $15,000 bike. GTA Online players can rely on it to get from point A to point B quicker than most cars, as cutting across streets and the environment is super easy. Zippy and maneuverable, the Bati 801 is faster than multi-million dollar cars as well.

#3 - Buzzard Attack Chopper

"The Buzzard is a light, compact helicopter for military or millionaire use. With a 5-bladed main rotor and a top speed of 175mph, it's widely considered to be the best performing helicopter in its class. These hardly ever drop out of the sky like a stone. Helicopters are one of the safest ways to travel." ―Warstock Cache & Carry description.

Price: ­$1,750,000

The Buzzard is an integral part of any GTA Online player's arsenal. Registered as a CEO vehicle, the Buzzard can be spawned for free instantly from the interaction menu and serves as the backbone of any CEO business.

#4 - Akula

"Once upon a time, a blank radar screen meant you could relax. But times change. With the Akula in town, a blank radar screen probably means you're a few seconds away from being vaporized by a cackling sociopath in an attack helicopter. And there's only one way to make sure you're on the right side of that brave new world..." ―Warstock Cache & Carry description.

Price: $3,704,050 or $2,785,000 (trade price)

What makes the Akula special despite its hefty price tag is its stealth mode. GTA Online players can go off the radar completely in stealth mode, which helps them avoid griefers quite efficiently.

Stealth mode can be disabled in seconds to re-enable weapon use, making the Akula extremely versatile.

#5 - Oppressor Mk2

"The Oppressor Mk I was a landmark in hybrid vehicle design. Well, the Mk II takes off where its little brother landed - and it never comes down. This is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine, bolting on some optional heavy artillery, and pressing the big red button." - Warstock Cache and Carry Description

Price: $3,890,250 or $2,925,000 (trade price)

There comes a time in every GTA Online player's career where it's time to take control and push back against griefers. The Oppressor Mk2 with its missile stash and insane maneuverability is the ultimate tool for defense and offense. That doesn't stop it from being the most efficient way to travel.

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