How to unlock the combat shotgun in GTA Online

The combat shotgun from the Cayo Perico update (image via CentralGamingHub, YouTube)
The combat shotgun from the Cayo Perico update (image via CentralGamingHub, YouTube)
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GTA Online's Cayo Perico heist is a goldmine for players looking to experience something new in GTA Online, and the Combat Shotgun is one such experience.

Complete with a new heist, explorable island and drivable submarine, the update is jam packed with content. Among the new additions to the game is the combat shotgun, a gun seen in almost every iteration of GTA since Vice City.

Players will not find this gun to purchase at ammu-nation before performing a few steps. Here's what needs to be done to unlock the combat shotgun for purchase in GTA Online.

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How to unlock the combat shotgun in GTA Online


First off, only players who have completed the Cayo Perico heist can get access to the combat shotgun in GTA Online. If you still haven't set up your own Cayo Perico heist, here's a quick and handy guide to do so.

After players have purchased their submarines and completed all the setups required, they now have access to the finale where the combat shotgun is found.

Now, there is no exact way of pinpointing where the gun will spawn, as the game randomizes it for every playthrough, but it can mostly be found in El Rubio's mansion to the south.

A quick and easy way to spot it is to look for it leaning against a wall as it usually spawns there, in the southern area of the mansion's compound.

Upon acquiring the combat shotgun from the mansion, players must go on and complete the heist. After the players have successfully pulled off the heist, they can now visit an ammu-nation to purchase the combat shotgun for GTA $295,000.

The combat shotgun holds 6 shells, with its primary feature being that it has a higher rate of fire than the pump shotgun. Shotgun shells are loaded into the barrel with a unique animation, so lengthy reload times are eliminated as well. In terms of damage output, it performs comparably to the pump shotgun.

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