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The rise and fall of Fall Guys 

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Modified 22 Sep 2020, 18:14 IST

One of the surprise smash-hits of this summer was undoubtedly Mediatonic's Fall Guys.

Having released only in August this year, Fall Guys went on to witness an unprecedented rise in popularity, as several eminent streamers began playing the game. Factors which contributed to its immense reception were its colourful visuals, replete with zany characters and fun mini games. Overall, it made for a completely enjoyable gaming experience.

Its popularity was such that eventually, it shot to the top of the charts, with over a million downloads in less than a week:

The game went on to receive further widespread coverage via popular streamer TimTheTatman's resilient quest to earn a rather elusive Fall Guys crown. During this period, millions across the globe tuned in, as Tim's viewership numbers for Fall Guys reached new heights:

It all seemed a tad too good to be true right from the off. Now, the Fall Guys fairytale seems to be hurtling towards a not-so happy ending, with several pros having predicted its eventual downfall. A prediction, which of late, seems to be developing into an unavoidable reality.

The decline of Fall Guys


When it initially burst onto the scene, the hype surrounding the game was gargantuan, as every notable streamer, from the likes of Ninja to SypherPK, were all giving it a go.

It was trending on the internet to such an extent that organizations like Panda Global began to field their own Fall Guys esports teams. However, pros remained skeptical about the game's potential longevity. Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek was one of the first who predicted the game's eventual downfall, all the way back in August:

Fall Guys is gonna die real quick for sure. After playing it, there's no way it'll be anymore exciting for any longer , unless they add maps quickly.

In a recent YouTube video on Esports Talk, clips of other pros expressing their doubts over the game were also played.

According to Vikkstar:

All the interest dies after a week ...good example - Fall Guys. I made like three Fall Guys videos like two-three weeks ago and they absolutely blew up but then post the third, it was diminishing returns each time and I can look around and see that's there's not as much interest in that game anymore. There's no longevity in this game, back to Warzone.

His thoughts were also backed up by Muselk, who shared the following views:

Fall Guys, I'm so glad it came along, it was like a great break for a few weeks but I don't think it was ever gonna become like the next big game..

A major factor which could have led to such a decline is the rapid rise of another game featuring similar characters - Among Us.

Recently, Among Us has begun to completely eat into Fall Guys' share of viewership, as every major streamer now seems to be pandering to the game's inexplicable hype.

For instance, take a look at Fall Guys' recent viewership figures, which have been on a steady decline:

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In contrast, take a look a look at the viewership figures of Among Us:

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For a game that was lying dormant all these years, to suddenly re-emerge and triumphantly claim the top spot, is a truly unbelievable achievement.

There is no doubt that Fall Guys is going through a rough patch at the moment. In order to improve, the game needs to be more consistent in terms of regular updates, maps and skins.

Having said that, it now remains to be seen if it can get back on track. If not, this could be the end of Fall Guys as we know it.


Published 22 Sep 2020, 18:14 IST
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