The three types of cheaters plaguing "Escape from Tarkov"

Wallhacks in Escape From Tarkov
Wallhacks in Escape From Tarkov

Released in 2017, Escape From Tarkov is developer Battlestate Games' take on a unique first-person action game that has seen a steady increase in popularity over the years.

As is the problem with most popular multiplayer games, cheaters and hackers find a way to subvert the system and gain an unfair advantage. Escape From Tarkov is no exception.

Streamer Summit1g recently expressed his frustration with the game's state, highlighting the hacker problem as one of his biggest gripes. The way the game is played gives rise to unique problems. This poses a significant challenge for the developers to mitigate.

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The three types of Escape From Tarkov cheaters


#1 - Real Money Trading (RMT) abusers

RMT involves one player giving another player something of value in real money, or valuables such as graphics cards and gift cards in exchange for in-game items. This gives players an unfair advantage.

This transaction's unique nature makes it difficult to ban such players as no external cheating programs are in operation, and it can't be auto-detected.

Changes have been made to flag and ban accounts indulging in RMT, but its effectiveness is debatable. Players who have the money to buy in-game items will create a new account and continue the cycle.

#2 - Blatant hackers


These are people with absolutely no desire to play the game properly or even enjoy its mechanics. They buy expensive hacks and go around speedhacking, noclipping, tracking people through walls, and tapping people to ruin another player's day.

The only upside to these kinds of hackers is that they're easy to detect.

#3 - The frustrated players


These are players that genuinely loved the game at one point and played it to its fullest until they got stomped by cheaters. To level the playing field, these Escape from Tarkov players joined the dark side. They started using hacks themselves, owing to their knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

It's very easy for them to go unnoticed as good players can play off a wallhack or low field-of-view aimbot with ease and go undetected for years.

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