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Shroud points out a glaring problem with Escape from Tarkov and why he doesn't play it anymore

Image via Battlestate Games
Image via Battlestate Games
Modified 11 Jan 2021, 09:44 IST

When Shroud started Escape from Tarkov, there was an obvious love for the game, but he says that has ended due to the game's repetitive nature.

Shroud started playing Escape from Tarkov regularly because it makes it is easier for players to lose themselves.

Shroud has garnered a huge following since he started playing Escape from Tarkov, but he has stopped playing at different points, only to return when a new map is released.

Shroud stated that when he starts a new wipe, everyone is playing the game as intended by attempting to gather resources or escape. However, when the game goes on for long periods without a wipe, the goal is solely to fight other players with beefed-up weapons and stats.

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Shroud said that fighting other players isn't something that he likes enjoys in the game. Shroud also mentioned other things that make Escape from Tarkov less exciting and fun, but his main issue is the game's eventual nature.

He has also stated that he will only return to the game to see what's new, but he won't be playing it as often anymore.

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Shroud understands that escaping and resource gathering are not the main ways to win Escape from Tarkov

The intended way to win a game of Escape from Tarkoc is common knowledge. Players have to either find one of the extraction points and use it to escape, which is the namesake, or try to be methodical and gain through raids, becoming a Rambo type killer to win.

These are the intended ways, but it is not common for players to win these ways. While Escape from Tarkov is not intended to be a battle royale, when it comes down to playing the game, it is clear that this is how many players are interpreting it mid to late-game before wipes.

Those in the game for long periods will often run into players hunting other players down instead of running into a well-planned trap or ambush. The vast nature of the map makes it necessary to keep moving, and there is a lot more realism to the game than other FPS shooters.

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There is no conventional health bar or bullet counter by glancing around a HUD. The realism does not take away from the fact that it starts to feel like a battle royale to some players once enough time goes by without a wipe.


Shroud has made his intentions clear about what he thinks of the game and why he won't be coming back to play like he used to. The developers will probably add something to Escape from Tarkov that will force it to be unlike other battle royales and more like Rust.

The difficult nature of running around aimlessly keeps players from roaming maps. Instead, players try to kill anyone they come across until the eventual wipe.

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Published 10 Jan 2021, 20:31 IST
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