The top 5 rarest Fortnite backblings: 2021 edition

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Back blings happen to be one of the most sought after cosmetics in Fortnite. However, as time has progressed, some back blings have become so rare that they're barely seen in the game.

This rarity can be attributed to the fact that the bundles they've been a part of haven't shown up in Fortnite after a point or they've been a part of the battle pass from early seasons. Here are the rarest back blings in Fortnite as of 2021.

Top 5 rarest backblings in Fortnite

#1 Ice Mantle


The Ice Mantle back bling came as part of the Ice King bundle in Fortnite. This back bling was associated with a few quests in the game which were inherently tough to complete. But the struggle was worth it. The back bling was last seen in 2019, and hasn't been in the shop since then.

#2 Rust Bucket


This back bling was available way back in season 3 in Fortnite. However, this was rather given for free. The game was unplayable for 3 days back in Season 3 and was awarded as compensation. Since it was available for free, many people should technically own this piece. However, not many people played the game during the early days of Fortnite, making the back bling a very rare sight in the game.

#3 Back Up Plan


The Back Up Plan back bling happens to be a rare piece of cosmetic in Fortnite. This happened to be one of the first Twitch Prime subscription rewards. Given that Twitch wasn't that popular during the initial days of Fortnite, not many people claimed this drop.

#4 Swag Bag


The Swag Bag is an extremely rare back bling in Fortnite. It was available as part of the Season 3 starter pack. However, it has not been available since its initial release window. If someone is seen in Fortnite with this back bling on them, then they've probably been playing the game since the early days of Fortnite.

#5 Response Unit


The Response Unit is not a very old back bling but it was part of a very weird promotion. To obtain this back bling, people had to literally purchase an entire graphic card. Despite being a young back bling compared to the others on this list, it has already secured itself a spot among the rare back blings that are in Fortnite.

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