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The 'who ruined Fortnite' debate rages on: Casual players blame pros and vice versa

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Modified 28 Sep 2020, 21:22 IST

Epic Games' Fortnite recently celebrated its third birthday amidst much fanfare.

Since its inception back in 2017, Fortnite has transcended expectations to effectively claim its spot atop the battle royale mountain. Featuring an absorbing environment replete with colorful POI's and endearing characters, the world of Fortnite is unlike anything we've ever seen before in a video game.

Moreover, with its recent concerts and elaborate crossover events, Epic certainly seems to be leaving no stone unturned in ensuring Fortnite's continued success over the years. While there appears to be many positive takeaways, the one glaring loophole that threatens to disrupt the balance of the Fortnite universe is that of Fortnite Competitive.

For months on end, pros have been complaining about the game's shambolic state, only to have Epic turn a deaf ear towards them. Their sentiments of frustration and disappointment were recently echoed by prominent esports insider Rod Slasher Breslau, who tweeted the following:

His recent Twitter thread triggered another debate, as to who or what exactly ruined Fortnite — the casuals or the pros?

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Fortnite: Casuals vs pros

The age-old debate centers around a common trend that one can often spot in the comments section of any Fortnite-related post — the allegation that casuals or tryhards ruined Fortnite.


Addressing the ailing Fortnite esports scene, Slasher went on to supplement his tweet with the following:

His recent tweets opened up a Pandora's box related to what Fortnite is vis a vis what it could potentially be, as others chimed in and spoke out against the competitive scene and Fortnite pros:


While a large section of the community believes that competitive and pros ruined Fortnite, another group chooses to believe otherwise:


While the two continue to be at odds, one particular user's tweet is certainly worth mulling over:

The Fortnite casuals vs pros debate doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. With hostilities simmering, it remains to be seen if Epic can ever bring about a much-needed consensus between the two.

Published 28 Sep 2020, 21:22 IST
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