"There's no way for me to be seeing him": Pokimane addresses boyfriend rumours 

Image via Pokimane/ Twitch
Image via Pokimane/ Twitch
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Imane "Pokimane" Anys recently opened up on the boyfriend rumours that have been doing the rounds, ever since former Offline TV member Fedmyster mentioned an anonymous "Steve" in his lengthy document.

From revealing details about his rocky relationship with Pokimane, to levelling severe allegations of manipulation against her, Fedmyster's recent document ended up opening a major can of worms.

This resulted in an immense wave of backlash against Pokimane online, as fans began to call her out for manipulation and lies.

Another interesting revelation which came up in the document was the presence of an anonymous person called "Steve," who Pokimane was allegedly seeing at one point of time.

This led people to make wild guesses, as they desperately tried to decipher the identity of this "Steve." After a bit of investigation, a large section assumed that her rumoured boyfriend at that point of time could have been popular YouTuber and member of The Misfits, Cameron McKay aka Fitz.

This soon snowballed into a major conspiracy theory, as more and more people began to believe that Fitz could very well be the Steve in Pokimane's life:

What further fuelled rumours was Fitz's response above where he cheekily replied with "Ding, Ding, Ding, We have a winner".

However, in her recent stream Pokimane debunked these rumours by seemingly dismissing the possibility of Fitz being Steve.

Pokimane speaks about rumoured boyfriend Fitz on stream


In Fedmyster's document, it was stated that at one particular juncture, Pokimane expressed interest in seeing an anonymous Steve, which did not quite sit well with Fedmyster.

This was due to the fact that he claimed he and Pokimane were more than just friends, on account of which his attachment towards her was a bit more complicated than usual.

As the online community began to assume the identity of Steve, several believed that it could very well be Fitz, as explained in the Reddit post above.

This theory was also elaborated upon by YouTuber Kavos in his recent video:


However, in one of her recent streams, Pokimane poured cold water over these rumours, as she addressed her link-up with Fitz:

"Speaking about Fitz, he messaged me today and essentially made a joke about him being one of the secret names in the Fed document, it was a joke."
"I didn't meet Fitz until later like 2019 and also Fitz lives on the other side of the world , so there's no way for me to be seeing him."

She then expresses annoyance with the amount of lies and rumours that are circling online about her and Fitz:

"I swear to god, there are just so many lies about me at this point that I'm losing f*****g track, I really am! So I just feel like I need to live life without caring or something, but it's really hard. "
"So please stop thinking about who I've seen or who I haven't seen or f*****g whatever. "

With her recent statements, Pokimane now seems to have dismissed any connection with Fitz, which takes the online community back to square one in determining the identity behind the so-called mysterious Steve.

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