"They decided to retract the invite": Dr Disrespect reveals how he was denied entry to the Call of Duty: Warzone event

Dr Disrespect has been denied at another Warzone tournament. Image via Forbes
Dr Disrespect has been denied at another Warzone tournament. Image via Forbes

One of the most controversial streamers, Dr Disrespect, was recently disallowed from participating in a Warzone tournament, sparking a discussion in the community.

Doc revealed in a stream while playing Fortnite that the organizers retracted his invite from a Warzone tournament. However, this is not the first time such a treatment has been meted out to the Two-Time.

It seems like the scenario has not changed around the doc. Previously, Toronto Ultra denied him entry to their Warzone tournament, but Doc had addressed his Champions Club back then and said he would be back in tournaments soon.

To add insult to injury, Doc's invite was retracted from the Warzone event at the last minute. Atlanta FaZe and UMG Gaming organized the event.

Dr Disrespect was supposed to play with his regular Warzone duo partner, ZLaner. However, this last-minute retraction left Zlaner without a partner. He addressed the situation to let fans know that despite the current situation, he will be back with Dr Disrespect in tournaments soon. Doc himself had a few clever things to say about the entire situation.

"It's like inviting Michael Jordan to a charity game, a charity basketball game, and then saying, 'Oh sorry Michael! We have actually changed our mind.'"

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What is the future for Dr Disrespect at Warzone tournaments?

This is the second time a tournament has denied Dr Disrespect from participating. While the exact reason behind these denials is unknown, one can guess this ties into the Two-Time's ban from Twitch a year ago.

Since the Twitch ban, Dr Disrespect has also stopped being a Call of Duty partner. These factors might play a crucial role in why the veteran player is repeatedly denied at these tournaments.

With Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe denying Doc, chances seem bleak for him to get invited by another pro team.

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