“They still sell my body without my consent”: Sweet Anita is considering leaving Twitch due to “creep clips”

Sweet Anita has been one of many streamers hit by online creeps (Image via SweetAnita)
Sweet Anita has been one of many streamers hit by online creeps (Image via SweetAnita)
Angel Peterson

Being one of Twitch’s top streamers, Sweet Anita has become very popular, very quickly. There may be perks to rising to the top with ease, but it also has its downsides.

Sweet Anita has recently been facing some gross fans who have been recording and sending “creep clips” of her. She’s been trying to handle it with grace, but the situation is getting out of hand. The internet star is unsure if she will continue streaming after the disgusting comments and clips she has received.

These viewers, or “creeps,” as Sweet Anita likes to refer to them, will take clips as small as the streamer stretching and showing a bit of her stomach. Broadcasters like Sweet Anita specifically are dealing with creeps regularly, and nobody’s doing much to protect them.

That’s part of the reason why she’s thinking of quitting streaming.

“No matter how much I express it, people always want me to produce it,” she said of viewers wanting her to create sexual content.

“If I don’t, other people will force that content out of me by stealing clips off my channel. They still sell my body without my consent. Honestly, it upsets me, but it makes me just not want to be here anymore, because if I’m putting my heart, soul, and time into doing this, if I have 36-hour workdays sometimes just to be able to stream, and all they’re doing is just *****ng wanking, I don’t know why I’m here anymore.”

Many netizens mentioned other streamers, such as xchcobars, who have been stalked just like Sweet Anita has been.

A closer look at Sweet Anita

Sweet Anita, 30, has Tourette’s syndrome, a nervous system disorder. Although she demonstrated symptoms throughout her teenage years, she was diagnosed with the condition at 24. Sweet Anita was born in East Anglia, England, to a single mother and started streaming on Twitch in 2018.

She primarily played Overwatch initially, and through the beginning of her streaming, the streamer quickly became popular due to her tics and bursts of profanity.

She was named alongside a few others as some of the most influential people in video games. Anita is proud to have made such an impact on the video game community, as making people feel involved is something she’s always aimed for.

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Anita was nominated for two awards, one at the 11th Shorty Awards for Twitch Streamer of the Year, and the second at the 37th Golden Joystick Awards for Best Streamer/Broadcaster.

In mid-2019, Anita began experiencing extreme harassment and abuse from an unidentified stalker. In November 2019, the man waited hours outside her house until he assaulted her. Sadly, it happened before the police could arrive.

Months later, she filed a restraining order, but the man broke it. To this day, Anita is potentially still dealing with this stalker.

Seeing as to how she is also dealing with online creeps, fans hope that people have a better understanding of streamers' privacy, and that such will stop sooner rather than later.

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