Throwback: Twitch streamer 'Sweet Anita' shares the story of a 'gas man' who slid his phone number under her door 

Image Credits: Sweet Anita/ Twitter
Image Credits: Sweet Anita/ Twitter
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Sweet Anita is a popular British YouTuber and Twitch streamer who commands a stellar fan following across social media platforms, notably Twitch.

Despite being afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome, she is not one to shy away from spreading awareness about her condition, in the hopes of achieving an inclusive atmosphere for Twitch streamers.

She has a humorous approach towards her condition. She has also released several videos on YouTube under the name 'Tourette Compilations", where she speaks about her condition during Twitch live streams.

Sweet Anita began streaming on Twitch in 2018 and played Overwatch, along with trying her hand in other games.

She has also shared her experiences involving simps and toxic fans in the past and her personal life and relationships on Twitch live streams.

In one such instance, she recalled an incident where a guy ended up slipping his phone number under her door during a Twitch live stream.

Sweet Anita shares her 'cheating date' story on Twitch


Sweet Anita begins the video above by explaining why she turned up late to her Twitch stream, as she went on to recount an interesting story involving a gas man who came to fix her boiler:

"There was a man who came to my house to fix my boiler this morning ...Now this gas man looked like an even cuter version of Captain America , you know an anime, when you open the door and someone's literally sparkling? Like sound effects and there's a guy and it's like pink background and hearts in the background and he's just like 'Hell I have come to change your gas meter' ...It was just like that."
"He was really tall, he was really pretty and normally don't really take that in because I'm a demi sexual and I don't care how people look...Holy hell did I check out his a**! But in this situation, it was more the way he behaved that intrigued me. He was very respectful and he was very kind about my Tourette's ."

She then goes on to state that he overheard her complimenting him from outside the door and decided to slip her his phone number, all while she was live on Twitch:

"He heard me complimenting him outside my front door cause he hadn't left yet and he slipped his phone number on a little card through my door ...I was cautious and I was like no, I'm not gonna do anything about this. This dude is way out of my league, there is no way that I could even try...then I woke up drunk on the couch with the guest man's number on my desk. "

The duo then started a conversation, and it all seemed to be going on smoothly until she began to doubt herself due to her insecurities about going on a date. Moreover, she was unsure of telling him that she was a Twitch streamer.

She even went on her discord for suggestions on how to go on a date, but ended up receiving hate in the process.

She then goes on to reveal her feelings and what she really felt about him:

"I really liked this guy and I was so impressed by him at first and I thought you know what, even if this just ends in friendship, I don't just want this to be a passing encounter , I would love to get to know this person. "

They ended up meeting up and even hung out with each other until suddenly, one day out of the blue, he messaged her, saying that his 'friend' had blocked her number and deleted all her messages from his phone.

From then on, things began to go downhill as she reveals the truth about 'Captain Douchebag':

The dude legit boasted about shortchanging hookers and invited me to come out and do it with him....and the next day I get a message from his girlfriend . So like, throughout talking with me every night, he was still meeting with his girlfriend , while he was talking to me and inviting me to strip clubs, he was asking her out on a romantic getaway .

She ends by revealing how she put an end to the entire situation right then and there and addresses him one final time:

If you're watching , I'm grateful that you showed me that I can seduce hot men just by being awkward near them and offering them food, that's great!

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