Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint revealed, Ubisoft's Tactical Shooter MMO Game? Release date and more

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Hrithik Raj

Ghost Recon franchise is getting a new brand new videogame this year. Ubisoft held a Ghost Recon World Premier live stream where they revealed the new game. The new title is known as, 'Ghost Recon Breakpoint'. The game is going to release this year on October 4 across all major platforms.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint live stream and discussion is still going on while writing this article.

  • Watch the full event here.

Now getting back to our topic, the new ghost recon game is more story driven than its predecessors. In terms of graphics, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is same as Wildlands with a few minor tweaks to graphics. The best thing to talk about Breakpoint is the new animations, gunplay, character class system, new enemies/ former ghosts, realistic tactical military experience and a lot of other stuff.

The game might look like a rip off of Wildlands at first glance but don't let the appearance fool you. Breakpoint is a completely new game in its own way, it is far more story focused and includes characters who develop throughout the course of the game. Players can play solo or play with up to three friends. This time in solo mode you will actually be playing solo without AI teammates to help or revive you. At current the game offers 4 new class-based characters with unique specialities and skills.

It is more like an MMORPG game with different enemies, classes with unique skills, raids, multiplayer, loot and more. It's not that the game is a complete MMO, it more like it includes MMO elements which makes it a completely new experience.

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