Top 10 Tier-5 Neutral items in Dota 2

Neutral items were added to Dota 2 in the Outlanders Update
Neutral items were added to Dota 2 in the Outlanders Update
Agnibesh Bandyopadhyay

The Outlander's Update added neutral items to Dota 2. The community had a polarizing reaction to them and most of them were focused on the Tier-5 items.

Neutral items are available in 5 different tiers in Dota 2. They have a random chance of dropping any time a neutral creep dies near a hero. Different tiers of neutral items drop at different times of the game.

  • Tier-1 items drop after 7 minutes.
  • Tier-2 items drop after 17 minutes.
  • Tier-3 items drop after 27 minutes.
  • Tier-4 items drop after 37 minutes.
  • Tier-5 items drop after 60 minutes.

Top 10 Tier-1 items: Top 10 Tier-1 neutral items in Dota 2.

Top 10 Tier-2 items: Top 10 Tier-2 neutral items in Dota 2.

Top 10 Tier-3 items: Top 10 Tier-3 neutral items in Dota 2.

Top 10 Tier-4 items: Top 10 Tier-4 neutral items in Dota 2.

Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the opinions of the author.

The Tier-5 Neutral items of Dota 2

4 neutral items will drop after 60 minutes of the game. These are extremely powerful items designed specifically to help end the game. Some of them seem totally broken and their only balancing measure is that both teams will get these broken items.

Balancing them seems to be near impossible, although Valve has nerfed a lot of them over the last year and a half. These items are very rarely seen as the current meta of Dota 2 doesn't allow games to go over 50 minutes, let alone 60.

The Tier-5 neutral items of Dota 2.
The Tier-5 neutral items of Dota 2.

Out of the 12 tier-5 items in Dota 2, two of them don't make it on this list. Seer Stone is an item that gives +350 cast range, +350 vision, +10 mana regeneration and can be cast to reveal an area of 800 radii to the holder's team for 6 seconds.

Book of Shadows gives +12 all attributes, +400 night vision and can be cast on an allied or enemy hero to disarm, mute, and silence them, making them untargetable for 4 seconds.

These two sites just don't fare well when compared to their other 10 items on this list.


10. Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat gives +150 attack speed and can be channeled for 1 second to dig up a bounty rune with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

This item is great just for its attack speed. Moon Shard, an item that costs 4000 gold, gives 140 attack speed while this item gives 150 for free. On top of that, a free bounty rune means a net worth increase of 720+ gold every 40 seconds.


9. Stygian Desolator

Stygian Desolator gives +60 attack damage and reduces the armor of the enemy by 10 upon attack for 7 seconds.

This item is great for right-clicking heroes. The -10 armor amplifies the physical damage by a lot. Carries like Ursa, Phantom Assassin, or Slark can devastate enemies with this item. It also stacks with every other source of armor reduction in Dota 2 making it more lethal.


8. Giant's Ring

Giant's Ring gives +40 strength, +60 movement speed and allows the holder to pass over any terrain dealing 100% of their strength per second as damage to units they pass over. It increases the model size of the holder by 60%.

This is a hilarious item to see in-game. Added to Dota 2 in 7.28, this item increases the durability of a hero and increases the damage output. But the biggest advantage of this item is the insane mobility it gives allowing the holder to basically fly over the entire map like a courier.


7. Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead gives +30 intelligence, +30 strength, and summons 4 level-3 Necronomicon units with 100% more health and 75% more damage on cast.

Necronomicon was removed from Dota 2 in 7.29. So, this item is the only way to summon Necronomicon units in the game. This is probably the best item to push towers in the game. Players cannot even fight off the necro warriors as killing them will cause them a total of 3200 damage.


6. Force Boots

Force Boots gives +115 movement speed, +30 health regeneration and can be used to apply a basic dispel to the holder and push them 700 units forward.

The movement speed and health regeneration of this item are insanely good. The dispel and push are also very useful in the late game to purge off silences and slows. It also allows the holder to sell their boots and use that slot for a different item since the slots are all filled up in the late game.


5. Apex

Apex gives +75 primary attribute.

This item was beyond broken when first introduced. Initially, it gave a +80% primary attribute bonus which was nerfed in Dota 2 7.24. This nerf reduced the effectiveness of this item, but the +75 primary attribute is still insane for core heroes who get +75 damage from the attribute increase.

On top of the huge damage boost, heroes also gain the added bonus of their primary attributes. Health and health regeneration for strength heroes, armor and attack speed for agility heroes, and mana and mana regeneration for intelligence heroes. Despite the nerfs, this item remains one of the best neutrals in Dota 2.


4. Ballista

Ballista gives +250 attack range for ranged heroes and knocks back enemies by 50 units and deals 50 bonus pure damage with every attack.

From here on, every item on the list is broken. Ballista, on a ranged carry hero, is game-ending unless the enemy team also gets one. With this item, ranged heroes can attack from an insane distance where enemies can never reach them.

On top of that, the knock-back effect doesn't allow any enemy hero to even get close to them. Heroes like Sniper and Medusa probably become the most unkillable monsters in Dota 2 with this item.


3. Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield gives +16 all attributes and blocks and reflects most targeted enemy spells back to their casters.

This item is also broken. Not only does it block incoming spells, but it also reflects them. The cooldown is also just 8 seconds meaning it will block and reflect a spell every 8 seconds. Linken Sphere and Lotus Orb are two items in Dota 2 that block spells and reflect them respectively. They cost 8450 gold combined.

Linken's Spheres has a cooldown of 13 seconds and Lotus Orb has a downtime of 9 seconds while this item does both of their work and has a cooldown of only 8 seconds. This item is absolutely broken in the late game when spells are cast very frequently.


2. Fallen Sky

Fallen Sky gives +20 strength, +20 intelligence, +15 health regeneration, +10 mana regeneration, and can be used to blink to a location within 1600 range with a meteor strike around the holder with a radius of 350 units.

This item is one of the best late-game items in Dota 2. Heroes can blink using this item and land a stun with the blink. The free blink is the most useful part of this item. The regeneration is also good. Initiating off-lane heroes like Axe, Centaur or Slardar are the best choices for this absolutely broken item.


1. Ex-Machina

Ex-Machina gives +25 armor and resets the cooldowns on all items on cast.

This is an item that doesn't make sense. It refreshes the cooldowns of every item the holder has except for Refresher Orb or Refresher Shard. This means heroes can use this to double Black King Bars for a total of 12 seconds of spell immunity which is something that shouldn't be allowed in Dota 2.

Using items like Abyssal Blade, Scythe of Vyse, or Bloodthorn twice in a team fight can instantly win the fight. On top of that, Valve has buffed up this item in the most recent patches. +25 armor makes a hero much more durable.

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