Top 3 AI streamers who have taken Twitch by storm

The top AI streamers on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
The top AI streamers on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

AI streaming is all the rage on Twitch recently, with a couple of them recently making headlines for controversial suspensions. With things like OpenAI's ChatGPT revolutionizing content creation worldwide, it was only a matter of artificial intelligence entering the streaming world.

With AI streamers becoming such a rage, let's look at the creators who have attracted thousands of viewers to their artificial intelligence-driven streams.

The top AI streamers who've made quite buzz on Twitch

1) Neuro-sama (Vedal987)


Neuro-sama was probably the first major AI streamer to make it big on Twitch that runs without direct human contact. On the surface, tuning into one of her streams may look like a normal VTuber playing games or reacting to chat. But her movements and reactions are the products of algorithms created by Vedal987, the channel's owner.

Back in the day, Veda987 had created a program to play the rhythm game OSU and last year in December released a better version that could not only play that game but also control a virtual avatar to mimic a VTubers streams. The appeal was instant as thousands of people flocked to watch Neuro-sama.


Twitch Tracker notes that while the channel has been regularly streaming since 2019, it has gained over 150K followers in the last two months. That being said, Neuro-sama also got in quite a lot of trouble when her holocaust denial joke caused a lot of controversies last month, leading to a two-week ban.

Recently, Neuro-sama added another feature to her arsenal - the ability to watch online content and react to it like other Just Chatting streamers.


2) The AI Seinfeld Show (Watchmeforever)

Twitch channel Watchmeforever's approach to applying artificial intelligence to streaming differs from Neuro-sama. Instead of simulating a creator, this channel mimics the classing sitcom Seinfeld in which the AI streamer generates a continuous sequence of scenes containing characters inspired by the show. They act out a script that is continuously generated by ChatGPT.


The novelty of artificial intelligence creating a parody of Seinfeld was an instant hit, attracting tens of thousands of people to the channel on the very first day. However, Watchmeforever eventually caught a snag after they had to downgrade their program due to a glitch, which led to one of the characters cracking a transphobic joke, getting the channel banned for two weeks.

The creators have promised to come back with better management which should, on paper, stop any offensive content from getting past the filters.

3) Athene AI Show (feat. Asmongold, HasanAbi, and xQc)


AtheneLive's show on Twitch sets itself apart from the above two AI streamers on the list because instead of creating a character or a show, this one mimics real-life streamers with accurate facial expressions and matching voice. Until now, the AI streamer has managed to successfully deepfake several content creators, some of which have reacted to the clips with a lot of enthusiasm.

One of the most popular ones was Asmongold's deepfake some four days ago, which created quite a splash in the community as the OTK founder found the concept quite funny and reacted positively to the clips. This was followed by Athene deepfaking other high-profile streamers such as xQc, HasanAbi, and Amouranth.

HasanAbi's AI deepfake even talked about YouTube streamer Destiny, someone he's had public beef with for years, going positively viral. xQc, much like Asmongold, also reacted to his deepfake in a humorous way.


Bonus: AI Forsen


Another deepfake AI streamer that made some noise earlier this year was Forsen_Ai, who has since been banned from the platform. While the voice is not a perfect match for the Twitch powerhouse, the Forsen_AI's reactions were quite good as it reacted to chat.

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