Top 3 donations by MrBeast that left the internet in awe

MrBeast donations that left the internet in awe (Image via Sportskeeda)
MrBeast donations that left the internet in awe (Image via Sportskeeda)

MrBeast is well known for his philanthropy, and is often referred to as YouTube's guardian angel. The streamer usually donates huge sums of money or expensive things to his fellow streamers or other people in need. Recently, Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson donated 1 million free meals to families in need, funding the entire food drive through his Beast Philanthropy earnings.

Naturally, there are quite a few memorable moments where the streamer has donated money and left the internet in utter admiration for the American YouTuber. Here are the top three such instances of MrBeast donations that have left the internet awestruck.

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MrBeast donations that shook the internet

1) When MrBeast donated $100,000 to streamers with no viewers

Back in 2018, MrBeast donated a whopping sum of $100,000 to small Twitch streamers who had zero viewers on their channels. While some of the donations did not work, for the successful donations, each streamer received $10,000.


They were left in disbelief, but the gesture of support probably went a long way for the streamers. Also, being able to say that MrBeast watched their stream is a huge flex in itself.

2) MrBeast donating $10,000 to PewDiePie's GoFundMe

MrBeast has always been known as one for social service. Therefore, when PewDiePie held a fundraiser livestream to help nine-year-old Indian children, MrBeast went all out to support his fellow streamer.


MrBeast even went on to hijack SypherPK's stream to help PewDiePie with his fundraiser, assisting the streamer in reaching his target amount with ease.

3) When MrBeast donated $100,000 to random Fortnite players

While in the case of streamers with no viewers, MrBeast donated the money without any conditions, in the case of small Fortnite streamers, the American streamer made them work for it. He had $100,000 to donate to Fortnite streamers in collaboration with Miniminter.


Each player would play for $10,000, and all they had to do was win one game of Fortnite. However, if they lost, the money would be carried over to the next player. Therefore, the amount of money at stake was huge, but that's what made the game a lot more exciting.

MrBeast, the philanthropist, is currently not at ease either. The streamer collaborates with several other people in the streaming community to raise $30 million to clean 30 million pounds of trash from the sea. This initiative is called Team Seas and is going pretty well so far.

So far, the Team Seas initiative has removed over 10 million pounds of trash from the sea, and they aim to achieve their target by the end of 2021.

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