Top 3 Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Obtaining a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon is a big accomplishment for a player in a casual playthrough (Image via TheGamer)
Obtaining a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon is a big accomplishment for a player in a casual playthrough (Image via TheGamer)
Modified 12 Mar 2021
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Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon are extremely powerful beasts, each one possessing obscenely high base stat lines and devastating movesets.

Obtaining a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon is a big accomplishment in a casual playthrough. Not only do they have rare pre-evolutions, but players also have to get these often weak pre-evolutions to high difficulty levels to evolve them into their final forms.

Pokemon Sword and Shield possesses a particularly large quantity of Pseudo-Legendaries, including not just its own new powerhouse but also all of the beastly Pokemon from previous generations.

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What are the 3 best Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield?

#3 - Tyranitar

Tyranitar (Image via tapioka_chaso on Danbooru)
Tyranitar (Image via tapioka_chaso on Danbooru)

The titanic Tyranitar is just as solid as it looks, boasting a solid defense and decent special defense to back up its overwhelming attack.

Tyranitar lost its Mega-Evolution between Generation VII and VIII hurt, but it didn't hurt it nearly as much as it hurt other Pokemon. In fact, it hurt so little that Tyranitar managed to surpass other more popular Pseudo-Legendaries like Metagross and Salamence in terms of combat prowess for Sword and Shield.

Unfortunately, Tyranitar is mostly version exclusive, meaning that Pokemon Sword players either have to trade for it or get an exclusive event item to catch its base evolution, Larvitar, via a max raid battle. Trainers should be warned that despite its bulky stats, Tyranitar's low speed and poor defensive typing will still put it in a difficult situation in a number of fights.

#2 - Garchomp

Garchomp (Image via Pinterest)
Garchomp (Image via Pinterest)

Like Tyranitar, Garchomp's offensive capabilities were dampened after it lost its Mega Evolution. So, the fact that Garchomp is still one of Galar's premier damage dealers speaks volumes for how great the Pokemon really is.

Garchomp still has a bit of bulk, letting it take a few hits without needing to back out. However, its speed stats are far superior to many others that can take the same types of hits. This, in combination with its attacking stats, lets Garchomp slaughter its opponents with ease. Neither of Garchomp's abilities is particularly memorable, but its moves make it a piercing physical attacker or even a somewhat effective mixed attacker.

Players looking for a Garchomp should note that it is a DLC exclusive Pokemon in the Crown Tundra. In addition, with a quad weakness to Ice-type attacks, Garchomp can fall deceptively quickly.

#1 - Dragapult

Dragapult (Image via Pinterest)
Dragapult (Image via Pinterest)

The concept of multiple Pokemon forming one singular Pokemon is not new. However, it is still just as interesting to see as it was with Eggsecute, Dugtrio, and Magneton back in Generation I. It is a bit different with Dragapult since this Pokemon uses its own kin to launch ripping assaults on its enemies.

Dragapult is a vicious mixed attacker with a sky-shattering speed stat, making it a great candidate for sweeping opposing teams. Its best ability, Infiltrator, only helps on that front as Dragapult can ignore the effects of both Substitute and meddlesome barriers like Reflect, Light Screen and Aurora Veil.

Unlike Tyranitar and Garchomp, there are no game restrictions when it comes to picking up a Dragapult for a team. Any owner of Pokemon Sword or Shield can scour the Lake of Rage's grassy patches during certain weather conditions for the kin-carrying Dragon (though finding it is rather rare as it is a Pseudo-Legendary, after all).

Published 12 Mar 2021
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