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Top 3 tips for choosing best landing spot in Free Fire for rank push

Players need to be careful about survival in Free Fire matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players need to be careful about survival in Free Fire matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 27 Mar 2021

Garena Free Fire is a versatile Battle Royale title that offers diversity in its gameplay and many other in-game mechanisms that attract players.

One prominent aspect of this title is the rank-tier system, where players push Rank Points (RP) to increase their position in the hierarchy.

However, pushing ranks in Free Fire is not easy, and players need to be careful about their survival in matches rather than a kill spree.

There are three major maps in Free Fire, and the BR concept goes for all of them. This article discusses some of the best tricks to land on the maps, which gives players better odds of survival.

What are the best tips for landing spots in Free Fire?

#1 - Land far away from the path of flight

Players must stay safe and away from all the early fights in the match for better survival points. To avoid early conflicts during games, it is always recommended that they land far away from the flight's path.

It helps players lessen the chances of early fights and avoid crowded locations soon after dropping. This leads to better chances of survival later in the game.


#2 - Land near the edges of the map

Landing on the extreme corners or the edges of the map gives players a fair advantage to flee and escape from battles. The edges of the arena primarily consist of waterbody locations. Hence, in case of an ambush, players can easily escape via the water body nearby.

It must be noted that players must focus on survival during rank pushing rather than going for kills. Hence, staying low-key and avoiding fights is necessary.

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#3 - Land on places with enough loot


Aggressive players who like to play in a squad can also rank push with a balance of kill count points and survival points. But to get enough kills, they must have level 2 or 3 gears and proper weapons and equipment. Hence, landing on places with few buildings will not help.

Gamers must try landing on large complex areas that are heavily packed with buildings. Places like Cape Town and Sentosa are great, as they can provide great loot to players while helping avoid early fights.

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Published 27 Mar 2021, 11:22 IST
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