Top 3 best-designed Pokemon regions of all time

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Brandon Moore
Modified 09 Feb 2021
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Pokemon has journeyed to several regions since its inception, giving players and fans a look at the bigger picture of the Pokemon universe.

It all started in the Kanto region and has gone through eight Generations to reach the Galar region in Sword and Shield. There are even regions in the spin-off games such as the Pokemon Ranger series and the upcoming New Pokemon Snap.

The entirety of the Pokemon world is massive and is more than likely set to continue its growth over the years. There are probably more undiscovered areas and Pokemon for trainers to find. These new locations can only hope to be as wonderful as some of the best-designed regions fans already know and love.

Top 3 well-designed Pokemon regions of all time

#3 - Johto

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

The Johto region is an incredible step out of Kanto and into the larger world of Pokemon. This Generation II location is home to so many landmarks and places to explore. The Lake of Rage, Sprout Tower, and the Ruins of Alph are just a few that come to mind.

It is vast, beautiful, and never seems dull, no matter how far in the story the player has gotten. Unfortunately, this region has already received a remake.

#2 - Galar

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Galar is the most recent region in the main series of Pokemon games. Not only does it have the main locations, but it has received expansions that introduced the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. With those, Galar got even better.

Galar is Pokemon's equivalent of the United Kingdom, and the beauty matches. With easy access to just about any location in the region, as well as the new Wild Area, Galar is a spectacle to behold in terms of Pokemon regions.

#1 - Kalos

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Kalos, the setting for the X and Y games, is hands down the most well-designed region in Pokemon. It is shaped like a five-pointed star and is in constant bustle. The region is based on the northern half of Metropolitan France.

Kalos diverted from the typical linear path of most Pokemon regions. It is filled with bodies of water, populated cities, mountain ranges, and surrounded by a vast ocean. Nothing tops the never-ending commotion of Kalos.

Published 09 Feb 2021
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