Top 5 alternatives to PUBG mobile in June 2020

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Prashant Soni
Modified 10 Jun 2020

With the release of Fortnite mobile, the scenario has changed completely. All battle royale mobile games have geared themselves up to provide the best gameplay experience. The anti-China trend gripping the country is also adding to the competition that PUBG Mobile is facing right now.

So here are the Top 5 alternatives to the current sensation PUBG Mobile -

#1 Fortnite


Fortnite needs no introduction, It brought in a one-of-a kind battleground concept which feels every bit as fresh today.

It is currently providing the most viable competition to PUBG Mobile. However, the experience in the mobile version isn’t up to the level of other available platforms because of its lack of optimization and feasibility.

The game is so massive that on most middle-range devices ot would take up almost half the storage alone.

Size- 8GB

#2 Call of Duty

Call of duty
Call of duty

Call of Duty is the closest to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay and optimization than the others on this list. The game had gained momentum initially and still has a decent fan base.

I personally like the Arena mode in Call of duty more than the PUBG mobile's TDM because the latter feels unreal and a bit pushed. However, Call of duty has still a long way to go.

Size- 2GB

#3 Garena Free Fire

Free Fire
Free Fire

Quite clearly the battle royale for the masses. Free Fire runs way better than any of the games mentioned in this list. It has fewer people dropping on the maps and the gameplay is fast-paced unlike other, more time-consuming games. Given the game's size it still has some great graphics, skins and animations. The detailed build-up of the maps and terrain is also appreciable.The game is definitely worth a try.

Size- 250MB

#4 Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival
Rules of Survival

If you looked at it all on its own, then sure, it's a perfectly serviceable mobile copycat for PUBG Mobile and it's getting better day by day. It has decent graphics and easy controls but you would still choose PUBG Mobile over it because the latter is more optimized.

The community is thriving with a bunch of different servers to choose from. It also has a huge number of players online at almost any time so the wait for matchmaking is also minimal. This game isn't a great alternative but yeah if you want a change then you can try it out.

Size- 1.8GB

#5 Knives Out

Knives out
Knives out

With Five players in a group, a hundred players in a battle, working with teammates to live to the end, Knives Out definitely feels like a great game. It has received considerable commendation from players, particularly due to its super-customizable HUD, smooth gameplay and continuous updates. It has a growing fan base, not similar to that of Free Fire or COD, but still a decent one.

This game has a minimalist look. Its textures look cartoonish but help the processor cut down on heating to provide a smoother gameplay. A must try for everyone.

Size- 2.8 GB

Published 09 Jun 2020
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