Top 5 Arena 12 Clash Royale decks

Top 5 Arena 12 decks in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top 5 Arena 12 decks in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)

Clash Royale is a multiplayer online strategy mobile battle game in which players participate in real-time battles using an eight card deck in 1v1 or 2v2 battles. Building a good combat deck is vital in Clash Royale, especially in Arena 12, where players have access to almost every card in the game, from Common to Legendary.

To win battles, players can either build their own deck based on their attacking strategy, or use pre-made eight card decks created by experienced players. In this article, we'll go through the top five decks for Arena 12 players.

What are the best Clash Royale decks for Arena 12?

5) Hog Lightning Control


One of the strongest decks in Clash Royale includes attacking troops like Hog, Ice Wizard, and Mini Pekka. These high DPS cards are protected using the Lightning and Log cards. Ice Golem is used as a mini tank for other troops, while the Ice Spirit and Goblin Gang are used to stop the enemy's push.

4) Mega Knight-Miner-Zap Bait


Mega Knight is one of Clash Royale's most powerful cards, capable of destroying the opponent with the correct support from other troops. In this battle deck, Zap and Inferno Dragon are utilized to deal with enemy troops and support the Mega Knight. The Miner and Skeleton Barrel are used to attack the opponent's towers, while the Spear Goblins, Bats, and Goblin Gang are used to hinder the opponent's push.

3) Miner Loon Cycle


Another popular Arena 12 battle deck includes various high DPS troops like Balloon, Mini Pekka, and Inferno Dragon. These troops are supported by Zap and Bats. The deck uses the Ice Golem as a mini tank along with the Barbarian Barrel and Miner to directly target the opposition towers.

2) Rascals-Prince-Guards Bait


Rascals are strong tank troops with two archers on its back that can deliver significant damage to both air and ground troops. Dart Goblin, Guards, Princess, Log, and Rocket are among the supporting soldiers on this battle deck. The Goblin Barrel is used to assault the Archer Towers directly, while the Prince is employed to deal with high-damage soldiers.

1) Double Prince Deck


The deck, which includes both Prince and Dark Prince, may do massive damage to the opponent's towers when charged up. Other soldiers in this eight card deck are the Miner, Giant, Electro Wizard, Fireball, Zap, and Mega Minion. The Giant acts as a tank, with the Electro Wizard, Spells, and Mega Minion acting as support troops. The Prince and Dark Prince aid the Giant in destroying the towers.

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