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Top 5 Best Players Of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 India Regional Finals

Rohit Jaswal
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64.98K   //    16 Jun 2019, 11:06 IST

Top 5 Best Players Of PMCO India Regional Finals
Top 5 Best Players Of PMCO India Regional Finals

The two days of Indian Division of PMCO 2019 Finals were fully packed with action and lots of ups and downs for teams. All teams tried their best to get to the top place and represent India in PMCO Global Finals in Germany. But eventually, the team with most practice and hard work, Team Soul, were worthy champions and will represent India in PMCO Global Finals. The team has four best PUBG Mobile players of India and they showed how to play PUBG Mobile strategically and get to the top of the leaderboard. In this post, we have Top 5 best performing players of PMCO India Finals.

Soul Ronak:

Harpreet 'Soul Ronak' Janjuha was declared MVP (Most Valuable Player) for a total of 3 matches out of 12 matches played in the finals. He displayed some great sniping skills when he got a Bolt Action in his hands. In the third match of day 1 when he got an AWM, he made the best use of it by hitting 4-5 headshots to players and then killed a player with an impressive grenade. At last, he showed some great assaulting skills. Soul Ronak is a three-finger claw player and got some fast reflexes and a great game sense.

Soul Owais:

Another player from Team Soul who played exceptionally well in this tournament was Soul Owais. His real name is Mohammed Owais Lakhani and lives in Mumbai. He is one of the best close combat assaulters in PUBG Mobile in India and got some great game sense. He got one MVP title for himself in PMCO India Finals and helped his team to win the tournament. Now he along with Soul Mortal, Soul Viper and Soul Ronak will play in PMCO Global Finals along with some of the best teams from rest of the PUBG Mobile playing nations.

Team IND Daljitsk:

Considered as one of the best Snipers in Indian PUBG Mobile community Team IND's Daljitsk played a major role in securing second place for his team in PMCO India Finals. He was playing very intelligently and knew how important each kill and team placement points are. Whenever he was getting the perfect chance he was getting the kills and getting his team to more higher places in the leaderboard. He was awarded MVP in one match of day 1. He helped his team to get two Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PMCO India Finals.

IT Prince:

Another PUBG Mobile player and assaulter who made his presence felt in this event was Team IT's Prince. He was playing the role of a trump card for his team. Indian Tigers managed to get the highest number of Chicken Dinners in the PMCO Finals. His team won the first two matches of day 1 and started their journey in a great way. Now Indian Tigers will play in PMCO Pre-Lims and if they win which we hope so will also represent India along with Team Soul in PMCO Global Finals, Germany.


Team IND ScoutOP:

The 5th player in the list who played brilliantly in PMCO India finals was Team IND's ScoutOP. He was the in-game leader of Team IND and made his team second topper of PMCO India finals. He was awarded MVP in two matches of PMCO India Finals. Though he was upset that they played badly in last few matches and should have a better position but now he and his team will also play in PMCO Pre-Lims in Berlin, Germany where they will compete against some of the best teams of the world.

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