Top 5 BGMI esports players to watch out for in upcoming tournaments

BGMI is officially launched for Indian users
BGMI is officially launched for Indian users

The wait for the launch of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is finally over. The game is officially available to play on Android devices. In a statement released by Krafton, the company shared its plans to collaborate with partners to build an esports ecosystem while bringing India specific events. It is expected to boost the growing esports scene in India, benefitting stakeholders including gamers and content creators.

It is also speculated that a number of international esports organization will be making their entries following the full launch of the game. With 90% of online gamers in India playing on mobile devices, the return of BGMI is sure to further fuel the esports culture in the country. In this regard, there may be a curiosity among fans to know who some of the absolute best players in the BGMI esports scene.

On that note, we've listed the top 5 BGMI esports players to watch out for in the upcoming tournaments.

Top 5 BGMI players to follow in the upcoming tournaments

1) Jonathan

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Jonathan "Jonathan" Amaral holds the number one spot as the best BGMI player. Jonathan has been playing the game for a long time now, making a name for himself as a professional player for Entity Gaming. He was later part of the star-studded TSM Entity roster that dominated the Indian esports scene, while reaching a career-best 5th rank in PUBG Mobile World League.

The prodigy is well known for his solo clutch plays, salvaging his team from early exits on numerous occasions. His colleagues gasp at Jonathan's training method and his adherence to practice that makes him a cut above the rest.

Jonathan has set himself the goal of becoming the finest PUBG Mobile player in the world, which, in the eyes of many, he briefly ascended to, most dramatically during the PMWL where he took 101 individual tournament kills and produced several clutch plays.

2) Scout

Tanmay "Scout" Singh constantly raises the bar for his performance and has been one of the hottest names in the pro BGMI domain. He plays as a scouter, flanker and assaulter. Possessing incredible aim and game sense, Scout is an expert with both snipers and rifles.

After playing for teams like Team IND, GODLIKE, X Spark, Scout finally joined Fnatic, his dream team. He later made a surprising move to quit Fnatic, had a brief stint with Orange Rock Esports, ending up as the runners-up in the World League 2020.

3) Vexe

Arth "Vexe" Trivedi is the absolute master at BGMI and easily one of the best players when it comes to fragging. He is instrumental in Orange Rock Esports' success and continues to spearhead a team that features players like Aditya, Destro and Gill. Vexe is a skilled rifler, garnering a reputation as an all-round near perfect player. He was the top fragger in the PMPL Spring Split 2020.

His go-to weapon loadout in BGMI is the AKM for CQC combat and the ever reliable M416 for long range spray downs. Vexe is one of the youngest players to grace the scene and likely a force in BGMI for years to come. Watch out as he might climb the rankings with ease sooner than most would predict.

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4) MJ

Harshit "MJ" Mahajan is a professional BGMI player for Galaxy Racer Esports. He was part of the Celtz roster that took the entire world by surprise to clinch the title of PMPL Spring Split 2020 SA champions. It is an inspiring underdog story. MJ was the top fragger in his team, amassing 27 solo kills.

MJ continues to maintain an impressive stat line for team GXR. He was closely followed by PUBG Mobile fans for his antics in the recently concluded PMPL Arabia and is famously remembered for his ability to do the impossible 1v4s

5) Zgod

Abhisekh "Zgod" Choudhury has taken giant strides in professional esports since he joined TSM-Entity's fearsome roster. He is known for his nerves of steel, guiding his team to win crucial games with his incredible clutch plays. Zgod plays a support role. He is the heart and soul of his team.

Note that this list reflects the writer's own views.

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